“Don’t listen to your boss, listen to that voice inside your head”

When we hit that all annoying alarm clock, suck down a few cups of caffeinated coffee, put some sugared cereal into our kids bowls and take that early morning shower, where is our mindset really? Most likely it’s not on today and the challenges that lie ahead but the baggage we left behind from yesterday’s perils. With all the negative media propaganda, unemployment rates at all time highs, the mistrust in our financial sector it is no wonder people cannot focus on today and today only. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a series of clouds that will not lift.
Right now we are walking around in a complete fog of mass hysteria and confusion about what the future holds. We have been tricked, manipulated and brainwashed into thinking somehow our government or some other mystical power is going to save us or give us some sort of entitlement. WRONG!
You see we come out of high school or College with that feeling of excitement that we no longer have to march to the drum of our professor or parents and we can make our own money with a “good paying job”. We are programmed to listen as intently to our boss as we did our high school football coach pushing us to get better fundamentals and help the team. In reality, it’s just a smoke and mirrors game to make our boss look better by all of our hard work and forced time commitments to the task given. Here’s the ultimate question, would we ever work as hard and as diligent for ourselves if we had the tools and systems in place as we would for our boss? The answer for most is YES but do they really know what that entails? Why would we think that we would or have the innate ability if suddenly thrown into that state we could survive when all we have been taught up to that point is we will be at our job at a certain time, we will do a certain amount of work each day, we will take a lunch hour that is time sensitive and above all we will not make our boss look bad.
We have been programmed for so long it’s in our subconscious to work for money for someone else but not for ourselves. We have this false sense of security that if we push forward everyday to make someone else look good, we will advance and climb that corporate ladder, make more money and live the life of our dreams. Who ever invented that mindset? I can tell you it was not an entrepreneur or Free Enterprise thinker. Did Warren Buffet, Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey succumb to that line of thinking?
We were born with the right to free speech and god given unalienable rights to make our own choices, choose our means of education and implementation in a free society but somewhere along the line we threw the constitution and all it stands for out the window and came to a government rule and militia state of manipulations and control that we are all choking on. It’s time to STOP the madness. We are not puppets, we are not slaves to society and we do have rights and the ability to stand up and fight, not with guns or brute force but by engaging in Free Enterprise acts such as networking, social media awareness, and above all unleashing that inner spirit to start your own business on the internet which is where ALL the wealth is now being created with leveraging and helping people realize their goals and dreams. We must get back to a true exchange for value and assessment of tangible skill sets of groups of people to form support groups, coaching and mentoring and tapping into prebuilt systems that do not require a boss or militia tactics rule.
Believe it or not, this is the #1 problem in this current paradigm and financial crisis that we all feel isolated and frozen in time waiting for someone or some perceived entity to bail us out. Do we really need a boss, or is this our false coping mechanism that at least we can rely on something? How can that possibly be a secure feeling when the unemployment rate is at all time highs? If you believe your JOB (J.ust O.ver B.roke) is going to provide security and ultimate lifestyle that is congruent with your inner spirit, you are nuts. It’s been said your personality and demeanor is fully developed and pre determined for the rest of your life about age 5. Why is it kids climb willow trees and swing from them without a security net? Why is it kids will ice skate down a river in April at 50 degrees with running water below? Why is it kids go through a very distinct stage, the “WHY mommy” stage and we get frustrated with it but ultimately it’s the one stage that sets the tone for the rest of their lives? If we would live our life acting like a kid and focusing on the journey of life rather than the outcome we might just find our spirit again. This is how we were all built, but as life gets in the way and we look at all the negative propaganda out there we get isolated and start to question our abilities. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and if we want it back we must listen to probably the most important person to get launch us out of this isolationism and financial crisis, our subconscious. WHY? It knows everything about our child like inner spirit that is just dying to get out.

Scott Lifer—

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Scott Lifer- Personal Empowerment and Financial coach.
Author and Professional Speaker for Mega Information Era.
Passion to coach and mentor people to unlock their true potential that has been buried with our media and cartel based elite manipulators.