The increasing number of online purchasers created a necessity for the hassle-free internet-based platform. We have several platforms and Amazon is one, the choice of many people. It is the best online platform available for both shopping and selling. This has become a trend in the current time. The e-commerce platform occupies its unique identity to serve the common communities.

Amazon, however, is one of the strict platforms in terms of its policies implementation. Amazon seller account suspension is the worst condition where sellers could not access their accounts. All rules and regulations have been created to let entire business activities go on without any trouble. Sellers are concerned about their brand promotion which should be according to the enforced policies at all costs.

In case if the seller accounts suspension takes place then taking initiative for the Amazon appeal letter is a good choice. This needs to be prepared to state the plan of action efficiently.

Advertising the products online has turned as the trend in the current time. Thus it is significant for all sellers to stay aware of all possible issues that may appear in all of sudden way. In addition to these, all of them have an idea about the reason that might cause trouble. Analysis has revealed the following reasons so far.

•The use of the duplicate account
•The practice of selling used Items
•choosing to sell counterfeit items
•Attempt to open a new account later to suspension
•The presence of unauthenticated interface
•Delayed shipment of the order

Therefore it is important to take care of these aspects to prevent the Amazon account suspension. The competition is gradually increasing day-by-day and hence everyone needs to be aware of all aspects to run the business tactfully. Steps to get back to the Amazon account.
You have to go with the plan of action to create an effective appeal letter.

•Always act professionally rather than stating anything wrong about the Amazon process.
•Try to create the statements in bullet points.
•Use simple language and short paragraph rather than making it lengthy.
•Don’t forget to state your own planned strategy that you are about to apply to recover your customer’s grievances.
•You will be required to ensure Amazon that you won’t let the mistakes be repeated in the future.
•After that read all points carefully before clicking it for submission.


The best thing is that sellers should stay cautious about protecting their Amazon account. They must keep updating themselves to know the rules and regulations. Apart from these, they may take the help of Amazon law experts who work round the clock to serve their seller clients. Sometimes the seller lacks the appropriate idea for how they should manage their account and get collided with suspension issues finally. Thus our Toll-free Number +1-844-444-4171 is always available there from a helping point of view. Our service may quickly be accessed anytime. Sellers may feel free to contact us according to their needs.
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