What is the Collective and Historical Consequences of Humanities Voluntary Pollution of it's Central Nervous System?

What are the Collective and Historical Consequences of The Cheating on Neurotransmitters in Man's Central Nervous System?


"Playing small doesn't serve the world."

Nelson Mandela.


"The quest is not for what truth is? -- The question has become: What is it that
constitutes the lies, in terms of the functional disorders of the brain's-functions."

Paul John II.


Sometime at the beginning of the nineties, the rector to Harvard University, Professor Gerald D. Fischbach, was quoted sayng: "Philosophical inquiry must be supplemented by experiments that are now among the most urgent, challenging and exciting in all of (the history of) science. Our survival and probably the survival of (all life on) this planet depend on a more complete understanding of the human mind." About ten years earlier, the wellknown Richard M. Restak M.D., wrote in a book based on the PBS TV-series, THE BARIN, the following: "Since the brain is unlike any other structure in the known universe, it seems reasonable to expect that our understanding of its functioning--if it can ever be achieved--will require approaches that are drastically different from the way we understand other physical systems. This is not a call for nihilism, but humility. Our most striking recent conceptual advances in psychobiology--micro-circuitry and holography--are the results of having the courage to relinquish traditional and no longer rewarding viewpoints in favour of bold, imaginative, and innovative conceptual schemes... Is there, therefore, any more reasonable response to such consideration than humility? After all, are not our brains a part of the same physical universe whose essential nature remains, after thousands of years of speculation, essentially mysterious?"

In a 1979 book titled, THE BRAIN, THE LAST FRONTIER, Dr. Restak has this to say for openers: "Two former Nobel Prize laureates in physics were recently asked to guess what areas of research would win the Nobel Prize for physics in the year 2000. Both of them, without prior consultation and with hardly a hesitation, said brain research. The human brain, they concluded, is our ultimate intellectual challenge in the last quarter of the twentieth century."

In his book, IN SEARCH OF A FINAL THEORY (The Unified Field Equation, The Grand Unified Theory, The Complete Unified Theory, or The Theory of Everything), about the eventual consequences of humanities discovery of the final "truth" in theoretical physics, the Nobel laureate Professor Steven Weinberg asks the following questions. "Speaking of a final theory, a thousand questions and qualifications crowd into the mind. What do we mean by one scientific principle "explaining" another? How do we know that there is a common starting point for all such explanations? Will we ever discover that point? How close are we now? What will the final theory be like? What part of our present physics will survive in a final theory? What will it say about life and consciousness? And, when we have our final theory, what will happen to science and to the human spirit?" Professor Stephen Hawking on the other hand has this to say: "If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason-for then we would truly know the mind of God."

These learned fellows all have one thing in common: They do believe that there is such a thing as an ultimate understanding of reality. That is, of the Human Brain, which is the ultimate enigma in humanity. An ultimate understanding of the material universe cannot be achieved without it including an ultimate understanding of the functions of the human brain, but as the situation presents itself in humanity, these in turn require an ultimate understanding of it's malfunctions as well. In the manuscript of my book presenting my QREST-field models for the Theory of Everything (The Little Scroll), I have, in a chapter titled "The Last Enigmas of Man," compiled the following list to accentuate this view. This follows along with a part of this chapter.

Excerpt begins:

A part of this realisation was in the author's need for such a theory to save his own life. Another compelling doctrine,--without going into details,--is that the statistical nature of the laws of quantum mechanics require the Observer to be a part of the answers. In order to upgrade the target-requirements of physics for a Theory of Everything, in accordance with this, here following are some arbitrary statements in an axiomatic form: The Maxims of the Nine Axioms. These axioms, which are here used to qualify the author's understanding of a Final Theory of Everything, state that; Man cannot know any one of the following truths without at the same time knowing the other. Here then are these aids to the final analysis of the ultimate:

Man cannot achieve an absolute understanding of the creation of the material universe, without achieving at the same time, an absolute understanding of the creation of the substance and the nature of subatomic particles of matter.

Man cannot achieve an absolute understanding of the substance and nature of subatomic particles of matter, without at the same time achieving a complete understanding of the forces of Nature and a absolute definition of reality.

Man cannot achieve an absolute definition and complete understanding of the forces of Nature and reality without achieving at the same time, an absolute understanding of the basic nature and workings of the human brain, -- the absolute definition of the Observer, -- at the same time.

Man cannot achieve an absolute understanding of the basic nature and workings of the human brain, -- the absolute definition of the Observer, -- without gaining at the same time, an absolute understanding of the nature of all the psychiatric functional malfunctions and the addictions that plague the human brain, as well as the solutions there to.

Man cannot achieve an absolute understanding of the basic nature and workings of the human brain, without knowing at the same time what is an absolute definition of thought and the concept of free will.

Man cannot achieve an absolute definition of thought and free will without achieving at the same time, the absolute definition of the errors possible in the thinking processes, such as delusions and lies.

Man cannot achieve the absolute and final understanding regarding the forgone axioms, without achieving an absolute definition of the entity that is making these definitions; Man himself. Further: The relation of Man to the Universe.

Man cannot achieve the absolute and final understanding regarding the forgone axioms, without the explanation for the multitude of spiritual and mystical concepts of which Soul, God and Devil are the most important.

Man cannot achieve the answer to these questions without resolving the enigma of life. The riddle of the, self-organising ability of inorganic atoms in constructing organic molecules. In this it should eventually resolve all past and persistent disputes regarding Life and suggestions for a separate form of energy, The Life Force.

Reviewing these statements, one common suggestion regarding an ultimate or final theory, comes to mind. This is the one that suggests that the human brain may not be capable of understand the ultimate logic behind the Universe and Life. That Man may not be evolved in such a manner as to permit such an understanding. The findings in this book contest this and in fact, they centre on ideas showing that Man is indeed qualified to do this. In line with this, the theorisation's profoundest discovery may be the one that corroborates Fred Allan Wolf's suggestion from 1981; "Quantum mechanics appears to describe a universal order that includes us in a very special way. In fact, our minds may enter into nature in a way we had not imagined possible... Perhaps the appearance of the physical world is magical because the orderly processes of science fail to take the observer into account. The order of the universe may be the order of our own minds." While the theorisations verify this idea, they ultimately come across a major malfunction in the human brain,--not only the author's personal brains,--but in ALL HUMAN BRAINS. They further show that it is the nature of this malfunction that prevents Man's insights into the ultimate answer, this since it renders him incapable of recognising the ultimate laws of nature and makes him refuse, or deny these. Much of what is currently being written in regard to recent findings in brain research, and the evolution of Man's predicament, supports this challenging suggestion.

Excerpt ends.

This quotation here prior is taken from the Fred Alan Wolf 1981 masterpiece "Taking the Quantum Leap. The New Physics for non-scientists," In this he talks of the discovery of, and the evolution of, the New Physics. In this simplistic but brilliant discussion, Wolf says: "Yet quantum mechanics indicated that what one used to observe nature on an atomic scale ´created?and determined what one saw. It is always seeing light through a set of coloured filters. The colour of the light depends on the filters used. Yet, there was no way to get rid of the filters. Physicists don't know what the filters are." Dr. Wolf then goes on to discuss this issue, ending the introduction with the quotation appearing here prior. -- All this in turn is a stark reminder that we do not "see" with our eyes. We "see" with our brains. Scientist have to this date not been able to explain the "filters" Dr. Wolf is talking about, and have for the most part, given up trying to explain them. It is the discovery of this "filter," in my theorisations, and my research, that proves to be the profoundest insight regarding the human brain, it's functions and malfunctions.

This phenomenon of a "filter" being what Sigmund Freud called the "super-ego," and which he believed to be a natural part of Man. The "filter" is well known in all the religions, and it is doubtful that we would have any religions without it. The "filter" is known as: The Devil, The Dragon, The Snake, Satan, Mara, Maya, Inherited Sins of the Fathers, or The Evil One. We could go on, but Dostoyevsky had this to say about it: "If the Devil does not exist, but man has created him, then he has surely created him in is own image and likeness." In physical reality, this is a quantum mechanical, biofeedback, malfunction of the human brain. A phenomenon, that is carried through the generations in the "intron" side of the genetic structure of the DNA. A phenomenon, that causes ALL the functional disorders of the human brain. A phenomenon, that causes ALL the degenerative disorders in humanity. A phenomenon, that causes ALL the "statistical" disorders in humanity (Cancer, MS. Alzheimer etc.). A phenomenon, that causes ALL the behavioural disorder in humanity. A phenomenon, which causes ALL the pollution problems in humanity (includes the overpopulation pollution). A phenomenon, that has caused ALL the conflicts recorded in human history. I could go on…………………….

This all powerful destruction phenomenon is man's pollution of his brain with chemical compounds that replace the natural neurotransmitters, primarily the 60-70 different peptides of the endorphin family. Here I do not differentiate between the so-called "healthy" cultural consumption of such chemicals, and chemical addictions. Alcoholism and drug addictions are just end stages of processes that have been started and evolved in prior generations. Here, ALL the IQ differences between individuals, are caused by this. What is of even greater consequence is the fact that ALL the psychiatric disorder of Man are caused by this, but the medical profession's attempts at curing polluted brains by polluting them some more, possibly represents the most tragic ignorance and stupidity of Man. The scope of the effect of this humanities collective disorder is neither visible nor comprehensible, with out a complete and final understanding of the central nerves system. These in turn being impossible without a final theory of the material universe (particle physics).

The work on the theory,--whose raw manuscript is now completed after 15 years of work,--during which I have been living in the gutter, reached a stage where I have received the first commentaries. One on the writing style, the other on the physics side of its contents. The commentary on the writing style, grammar and spelling suggests that I will have to do a lot of rewriting. On the other hand the physics commentary is very encouraging to me. This is by someone with a PhD and a comprehensive knowledge of theoretical physics.

This follows:

Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 17:28:15 EDT
From: XEXIXOXA@aol.com
To: pauljohn@centrum.is
Subject: The Little Scroll.
Dear Paul:

I returned from my trip to Taiwan, being fortunate to stay far enough from the epicentre of the earthquake. For some reason, I did not get scared, although the fourteenth floor of our hotel where I was staying that night was shaking pretty badly.

There was only one good thing about this trip. I had plenty of time in the airplane to read your manuscript. After I came back home, I read your addition that was waiting for me.

I am completely overwhelmed by the content of your manuscript. You were able to synthesise under the same principle: (1) the creation of the universe based on contemporary physics, (2) the mechanism of the human brain function that is also based on a contemporary science, (3) philosophy of ancient Asia, (4) religion, and, of course, (5) the Observer. This alone should deserve a great praise.

However, you went even further by including in the manuscript your personal life and its role in your research. Your openness in describing some dramatic periods of your life made a deep impression on me and helped me to understand why you were able to focus your attention on the most vital problems of the contemporary science and to produce such a gigantic research work.

Thank you very much for letting me to read your manuscript. I appreciate that you are finding some correlations between your theory and the spiral field theory. Let us hope that our correspondence will help us to stimulate our further research work.

I wish you the best luck with your book.

Best regards,

Vladimir Ginzburg.

Dr. Ginzburg's web-site is found under: http://www.helicola.com

You may be able to read more about my work under the following URL:

http://xanadu.centrum.is/apocalypse/_index.htm = Index Page.

The QREST-field, or Venn diagram, theoretical models (theory = explanation) I have constructed, constitute a Theory of Everything. A TOE, which not just shows the unification of the four forces of nature as well as general relativity and quantum mechanics, but provides the first explanations for quantum reality. It provides a superstring field-concept for the entire particle zoo, explains life, the human brain, at the same time as it provides proof for itself through the geometrical nature of the particle spins, which in turn makes the impossible accelerator proofs unnecessary. To top this of the theory has coherent and harmonious connection into the other fields of Man's endeavour at understanding the Universe an all that is in it. This is the foundation for my arbitrary claims regarding the colossal harm alcohol is progressively inflicting on humanity and life in general. -- No, I am not talking about alcoholism.

This in turn give me a view of life, reality and the universe, where such phenomena as the end of the Bible, the Book of Revelations ceases to be "religious revelations," or rather "religious mysticism." It becomes quantum neurology and it's prophetic properties become phenomena explainable through what is currently missing in quantum physics. It therefore does not come as a surprise to find that the end of the Bible, the Book of Revelations, turned out to be a prophesy that deals with the grandest problem,--no,--the ONLY problem in humanity, and the solution there to. The appearance of the solution to the "riddle of the filter," through suffering at it's hand, and through recovery in the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

If I may speak in a metaphor, then spiritually and physically, I had to go to hell and back in order to be able to receive the insights that my work encompasses. This process, I believe, is described in the first two thirds of the prophecy of the Book of Revelation. The Seven Seals, and The Seven Trumpets. The riddle of the 13th chapter provides, for me, a very vivid neurological-quantum mechanical OVERVIEW metaphor for the functional disturbances in my brain during my progression into a fatal state of addiction (alcohol and codeine), and it ends with a riddle that suggests the initials in my name. The oddity is that the battle in which the Mr. 666 was "destroyed" is described in yet another OVERVIEW metaphor in the 12th chapter. This is a metaphor for the spontaneous recovery through "quantum mechanical, biofeedback" in my brain (some like to call it "a vital spiritual experience"). I am so bold as to suggest that, there are to be found, numerous other prophecies about the same subject. An example is Nostradamuse's projected vision of the battle between the Antichrist and the Great Genius, in which the later destroys the first. -- These are obviously spiritual metaphors. They are presented in the language of the spatial hemisphere. The theoretical models for quantum reality and the functions of the human brain explain what prophesises are, and by what methods they should be interpreted.

Since having gone through the "quantum-biofeedback" in my brain, I have taken to amusing others by calling myself Paul John II. I see myself as going currently through The Seven Curses described in the third part of the Book of Revelations. This being the great struggle of comprehending, writing about and presenting the contents of the vision I received in the Little Scroll Metaphor, which is described 10th chapter of the Book of Revelation. Accomplishing this without the proper knowledge and education to start with, and without any funds or a home, is something that is not done every day. This being only endurable and attainable through the support of the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, whose "program" is indicated in the 21st chapter of the Book of Revelation, which describes the New Jerusalem coming to earth (City of Peace):

Revelations 21:10.
"The Spirit took control of me, and the angel carried me to the top of a very high mountain. He showed me Jerusalem, the Holy City, coming down out of heaven from God……" -- This is a projected metaphorical vision of the coming of The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous to earth.

Revelations 21:12.
"It had a great, high wall with twelve gates and with twelve angels in charge of the gates……….." -- This is a projected metaphorical vision of the 12-Steps of the program of The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Revelations 21:14.
"The city's wall was built on twelve foundation stone….." -- This is a projected metaphorical vision of the 12-Traditions of the program of The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The end results are then described in the:

Revelations 22:1-2.
"the river of water …….. flowing down the middle of the city's street. On each side of the river was the tree of life, which bears fruit twelve times a year, once each month;……" -- The vision of "river and the trees" are a projected metaphorical vision of the gestation and birth channels of Man (life) in the woman. The two "trees of life, which bears fruit twelve times a year," are of cause the ovaries in the woman. These ovulate once every month, averaging 12 times in a lunar year (the year of the Jews and the Arabs).

This suggestion at the end of the Bible is that,--after 8000 years of pollution,--it will come to pass that through the program of The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous the "river of life will once again flow unpolluted." That through the cessation of Man's pollution of his Central Nervous System (brain) with chemical compounds that replace the natural neurotransmitters, he will stop the degenerative processes in himself. That the birth canal in the woman, will finally be protected through The Program of, and The Fellowship of, Alcoholics Anonymous.

There is thus just one problem on Earth. -- Not many.
That problem has to do with the collective malfunction of the human brain.
This problem is a holy sickness on which no one dares utter the truth.


"Ours is the age which is proud of machines that think
and suspicious of men who try to."

Howard Mumford Jones.

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