We were discussing our age appropriateness for retirement last night.
Funny how the issue seemed vague for myself, but for my daughter brought fright.

She was worried (and that comes with a spirit attached) that we can catch.
Though, there are 25 years for her, only a few until Social Security is my match.

Thoughts of time is coming to an ending soon came from family memories, you see.
A story of a dear one who made sauce, got tired, died in bed after taking care of family.

Like her, I made the sauce shared with my daughter’s family, but rested only instead.
Uncertain if the thoughts of not waking up one day, too, brought emotions of dread.

It took intuition to acknowledge those feelings were attracting the spirit of worry, too.
As a Christian, we are given instruction by Christ to rebuke demons, that is so true.

Mostly, people of this faith think primarily of sharing the Gospel message to others.
They think of this as their prescribed mission in life’s work as sisters, and brothers.

What is either forgotten, ignored, or unknown are two other commands from Jesus.
Luke 9:1,2 exclaims how we are ordered in Christ to do what He beckons us.

Since Jesus gave us authority over demons, and power to cure diseases, we must!
His life was a Master plan, or holy template to perform such, on which we trust.

God (and His Holy Son) can only use us for this purpose after we become empty inside.
That means clearing negative emotions from PTSD by rebuking demons, and pride.

As previously mentioned, each emotion has a type of spirit attached to it, good or bad.
We should earnestly pray for a spirit of joyfulness, while letting go of one that is sad.

Evil things happen all around us to make us weary, if we do not put on our armor.
Ephesians 6:12-16 delegates which armor goes where to protect what in ardor.

The three-piece holy suit comprised of truth, gospel, and faith is to be worn each day.
If done fervently, we can be assured that Christ’s power, and authority we can convey.

Once assured, those of us with PTSD can truly become empty of those emotions.
As earthen vessels, we become ready to be poured out in God’s service, and devotions.

Whatever was determined to be our purpose in life before birth can now be activated.
If you were to know your purpose (before receiving Social Security) be congratulated!

There is a system of overcoming our human frailties necessary for evolvement.
It is a cause, and effect that we call Karma so that our debts eventually become solvent.

We may pay our Karmic debt back through illness, lack, unhappiness, or such.
It is an individual plan of action, or inaction that may be a little, or quite much.

The pay-off is when our souls have been cleansed so the Spirit can drive us once more.
What a day that will be to celebrate being with our Holy Creator, and Son, to adore!

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