When an idea is tested, many and varied obstacles will be thrown against the faith level of the one who believes in the idea. Unbelief will challenge belief, not just once, but many times, again and again, testing the endurance level of the believer, and equally, in return, the believer testing the unseen forces of unbelief – until one or the other wearies, and finally admits defeat.

Opponents may enter the ring in the challenge of a boxing match. One is more skilled than the other, and may display that skill early in the match, convincing the crowd that the skilled one will emerge the victor.

The other, less-skilled opponent is more determined, hard-headed enough to have trained vigorously, building up a level of fitness that has increased his endurance. This opponent refuses to lose, refuses to give up, no matter the cost of the blows.

Who do you think will win in the end?

Most likely, the more determined opponent will eventually prevail over the more skilled one. Endurance will carry the more determined one all the way to the end when the more skilled opponent runs out of energy, gives up the fight, and is defeated.

The same is true when we begin a marathon race. We may start out with enthusiasm because our energy level is high, but we must then run the race with endurance to reach the finish line. Some race to reach the line in first place, other runners’ motivations may be more personal; their goal is simply to finish.

In the case of the boxers, it is the last man standing who triumphs. In the case of those running the race, the first to cross is the winner. To others, just to cross that line is “winning”.

It is also true that in the life of an idea, overcoming that unseen, yet very real, enemy of your idea; the last man standing wins, whether it be belief or unbelief. Keep in mind that it is unbelief that seeks to infect our minds with negativity, and a lethargy that works its way into us with every blow, every setback, every punch to the head and to the gut, or every tired step we must take, just to finish the race.

If we let it, and do not endure the blows and setbacks, the enemy will defeat us. If we do endure, and refuse to lose, we will prevail and defeat it. At all times, the choice is ours, even when it seems impossible.

If the idea is simple, the test will most likely be uncomplicated, as well. Yet, often a simple idea that has a great potential, or one that may affect special interests, will receive extreme opposition.

For example, the simple idea of nationalized healthcare has been successfully implemented in a number of western democracies for decades, by collecting healthcare taxes, controlling the expenses, and paying the healthcare expenditure from the revenue.

However, special interests that are enjoying the spoils of an expensive healthcare system, violently oppose change, at the expense of the sick and infirm. This is a clear example of a simple and compassionate vision being resisted by wealthy, powerful and influential groups.

All things have a season, or a period of time, when they are enabled to grow, as in the spring and summer, or appear to die, as in the fall and winter, when nature herself resists further growth. There are natural reasons for this, as in the example above.

We may ask ourselves, why ideas are resisted at all? In the realm of the spirit, ideas and inspiration are found. A season of time may be experienced when the idea appears to have declined, or even died, as in nature. Although there may be no outward evidence of growth, the life of the inspired idea still awaits in the fertile soil of the soul.

Last year it bore fruit, but now it seems to be barren. Endure the season, for endurance requires patience as a partner. For in a little while, the new buds of increase will begin to bloom, as new energy resurrects new life from the repose.

Sometimes you, and your idea, will have to patiently endure the winter season before it will bloom again. In the spring and summer time, the fruit will be even bigger and better!

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Harry Connor Jr has had over 30 years experience in the study of the esoteric, ancient manuscripts, and the scriptures. Always seeking the 'truth' by peeling back the onion skins of delusion, his writings are often controversial, yet uplifting, for he is forever the optimist. For more information on what Harry is up to go here http://www.biz-zoom.com/ and http://taxdeedtreasures.com/