You should know the world of termites before you start on the job to exterminate termites. The process of termite control needs the basic knowledge of the termite colony formation and their categories so that you take effective measures when you need to get rid of termites.

Taking on the termite treatment plan, you should be able to identify the termite class. It is the subterranean class that is the most usual ones that have their roots underground. They multiply under mud tubes and they cause the maximum amount of termite problems around the place.

Drywood termites are another problem that lives without moisture and is found mostly in the coastal belt. They are treated differently than the subterranean termites and if you have been troubled by both the species, you need to take two separate termite control plans to get rid of them.

Before the preparation of the killing of termites, it is wise to take up measures to make arrangements for the termite control. Termites, we know that are creators of problems to wooden structures and we must get rid of termites definitely.

You can start the treatment for termite control with liquid pesticides, which displays an immediate effect. The liquid solution is spread along the borders of the house covering the entire perimeter of the house, which is the primary obstacle for termites.

The next step is to take the spray of the same liquid solution and get it on all the cracks and hinges of the wall from outside the house so that they are not able to take refuge in those tiny holes and cracks in the wall. This is the process of prevention. It just creates a barrier for the termites to make an easy entry to your house. Be sure to do the job minutely so that you do not leave any hole or crack untouched.

Another useful way is to arrange baits for the termites. You can get rid of the entire termite colony with this method. Termites take the toxic material back to their dwelling place and ultimately get killed. This is better done by Termite Control Melbourne professionals as they know the right place to place the bait so that termites take the toxic materials easily. They start with simple wood as baits and then replace the wood with the toxic material and the termites are finished.

Termite control can be achieved when the construction of a house is in the process when the chemical Borate is used on the painting of the house as an additional layer for termite control. In your present house, the same chemical can be applied on the wood surface in the basements, where there is maximum possibility of the presence of termites.

The termite treatment procedure is not complete unless you take remedial measures for the re-infestation of termites. Just getting rid of termites will not be enough and you have to think to prevent any further infestation of termites in your home. It is the prime responsibility to keep the termites away and practice proper guidelines for termite control.

It is to be remembered that termites like moist conditions and they slowly reach the area of gutters. You have to be cautious about this feature of termites and keep the drainage of the house in the right conditions so that there is no possibility of any wet area around your house. Ensure that all the leaky areas of the house are properly mended and there is no chance of leakage from them around your house.

Maintain cleanliness in and around the house and particularly there should not be any wood garbage around the house. Take care of firewood, branches of trees in the garden and such materials. Select wood that is disliked by termites like the rosewood or cedar for your benches or a deck in the garden. Effective termite control is possible when you have gathered true knowledge about termites.

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