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Are you working hard to grow your business and things
aren’t happening as fast as you want?

Stop struggling and create a

You are about to learn 3 simple steps to eliminate your struggle and double
your time off.

Do you feel overwhelmed, with all the information that you are exposed to on a daily basis: email, voice mail, the Internet, cable and social media?
Have you found yourself deleting emails without reading then?
Another reason we feel overwhelmed is due to the intense negative news that we all hear everyday. When dealing with that overwhelmed feeling regularly, you can either give up or figure out how to persevere.

Failure Is Not an Option

Remember Apollo 13? Failure is not an option. Failure is not an option for you either. It is a little known fact that more millionaires were made during the great depression then any other period in history. And here we are again in a similar time. Is this your time? One of the names you may recognize from this period is Harland Sanders aka, ColonelSanders- the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He learned how to persevere. At the age of 65, he started traveling by car to different restaurants and cooked his fried chicken on the spot for restaurant owners. If the owner liked the chicken, they would enter into an agreement to sell the Colonel's chicken. Colonel Sanders would receive a nickel for each piece of chicken the restaurant sold. By 1964, Colonel Sanders had 600 franchisees selling his chicken. At this time, he sold his company for $2 million dollars. According to a well-known legend, Colonel Sanders heard 1009 "no's" before he heard his first "yes". How many no’s have you heard today, this week, or this month? Are you ready to quit? Remember he was turned down one thousand and nine times before he heard his first YES!

So how do you develop the perseverance you need in today’s economy?
Three Simple Steps to Success. There are three simple steps that will help you develop your perseverance and eliminate your struggle.

Step one –
Be intentional about what you expose to your mind to. I decided to go on news
fast recently, so I turned off my cable. To get my necessary news, on Sunday or
Monday- I log on to my favorite news website and look at the headlines and read
the articles that are of interest to me. I chose not to listen to the same negative
stories over and over again. I found myself being drawn into the 24/7-hour news
World we live in. I find the important news stories I have heard about. So I stay
informed. Trust me people will tell you about the big news story of the day.

You must be intentional about exposing yourself to positive material. Make sure
you are listening to mp3 or CDs that will encourage you. Some of my favorites
are John C Maxwell- on Leadership, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn. Listen while you
are doing something else- like working out, getting ready of your day or while
you are driving. A technique that will increase your learning is called Spaced
repetition. Listen to the same mp3 or CD for 7 days in a row. This will reinforce
the learning process.

Read a book on leadership or self-development for 15 minutes a day. This will
help keep your mind focused on material that will move you towards your goal.
Plan when you are going to read- morning, during lunch, or evening time. Be

Affirmations- An affirmation is a positive statement written in the present tense.
If you are not using this technique, write down a few affirmations to help you be
intentional about your thinking. The national science foundation says we have 50
thousand thoughts a day. Those thoughts are either move towards your goal or
away from your goal. A Key to you success is taking action. So, here are a few
affirmations to get you started. I put my plan into action. I have the “do it now”

When you are saying your affirmations the more emotion you have when you say
them it will help reinforce the process.

Second Step:
Master your Time- I want you to determine the top 5 tasks to focus on daily that
will give you the greatest result in your day. That is what I call your HPA’S (high
payoff activities). Then I want you to spend 80% of your day on the top 20%. The
LPA is your low payoff activities. A LPA for example is reading your email.
Have you ever found yourself reading the same email twice in one day or maybe
three times?

Here a few question that will assist you in determining your HPA’S.
1. You are completely responsible for the task, if you don’t do it the HPA it
will not be completed.
2. The HPA is under your control.
3. What are the results you are expected to achieve in your position?
I believe when you focus on your HPA’S, you will become a High Performance

Third Step:
Mastermind group- accountability is another key to your success. When you
develop a mastermind group, make sure you have no more then 4 people. It keeps
it simple. You want to make sure you have like-minded people on your
mastermind. Are they all willing to work towards their goals and take action?
The fastest way to stop struggling and start growing your business is to hire a
coach. You will be amazed how quickly you are able to achieve your goals and
stop struggling.

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Get the accountability, holding your feet the fire to DELIVER according to your action plan working with one of our mastermind groups, or with a coach.
Finish this year strong. Remember Colonel Standers heard 1009 no’s before he heard his first yes, you are closer to success then you think.
Many Entrepreneurs, like you have used these techniques to grow their business fast. For more information on how to stop struggling and double your time off request your zero cost 25 minute coaching session today.

To Your Success,
Warren Wandling

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Warren Wandling

Warren Wandling is a national speaker and business coach. He trains account executives and business owners who want to bring purpose and significance to their work. Warren is known for delivering his material with high energy, while providing information that is relevant, impactful, and results-oriented. His background includes National Training with the American Management Association, Director of Employee Services, and Sales. His training and recruiting background bring a unique perspective to all who desire to "Awaken Significance" within!