Actively participate in your healing. Below is an exercise for you to recite aloud and/or record on audio in your own voice. Listen to it daily as you also read along with the recording. This will help clear you of self-limiting beliefs and replace them with thoughts that support growth and achievement:

I was afraid of change. I am not afraid anymore. Change comes naturally for me. I welcome this opportunity to start fresh. I am excited about the life that is being transformed into the life I want. The life that I have and the life that I want are one. I am grateful for my new happiness. I forgive myself for all the past choices I've made that have not served me well. I now know better and I will do better.

Even when I make mistakes, I will become wiser from them and continue to forgive myself. I forgive others for speaking and modeling negativity in my life. None of that is about me, and I
will not take it personally. I will safeguard my precious ears and mind from messages and words that do not support thoughts of abundance.

I can easily filter out toxic language and feast on what is positive. I am confident in what I am doing. I trust myself completely. Others may not see my vision. But I am sure my dream is real. My faith is sufficient. And with the help of God, I can do anything I make up my mind to do.

works cited:
'How I Retired at 26!' by Asha Tyson

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