The Evangelion AT777, familiar from "Eva 777", is the 11th work of the popular Evangelion slot and the 6th machine in the series. In this article, I will explain the following points of the Eva 777 slot.

Note that the number of games ceiling is not installed! There are two types of the ceiling of エヴァ 777 slots, ceiling by the CZ-through number of times and, ceiling by the CZ non-winners there are.

The number of CZ wins in one scenario (1 to 10 cycles) reaches the ceiling 3 to 5 times (with setting differences). When reaching the ceiling (up to the 5th CZ), the bonus will be confirmed. The higher the setting, the easier it is to select the 3rd or 4th time.

If all CZs are not won from 1 to 9 cycles, the EX stage will be entered in the 10th scene. The bonus will be confirmed by winning the CZ lottery at the end of the cycle. The number of slews will be reset when the 10th cycle is exhausted.

In the Eva 777 slot, you can check how many times you have won the CZ from the periodic table of the LCD menu. The CZ winning rate in the 10th cycle is higher than in other cycles, but if you cannot win the CZ here, the ceiling will not activate, so you will not be able to enter the AT.

The periodic table of the Eva 777 slot is very good and you can check the scenarios up to 5 times ago, so let's check if there are II, III, IV, V in the past 5 scenarios. Aim for a platform with 3-4 CZ slews. If it is 3 times or less, let's decide whether to aim depending on the current cycle.

Aim for the CZ non-winning platform until about the 7th cycle. The aim is a scenario with many low-rank starts.

I think that there is an expected value from around the third CZ through, but it is quite difficult to pick up in the latter half of the cycle. This is because most scenarios in the Eva 777 slot have scenes that start at ranks 0-1 in the second half of the cycle and may enter the CODE777 challenge.

Even if the CODE777 challenge is passed through, it is not counted in the number of CZ throughs. It may be tough if you haven't passed through twice by the first five cycles.

If anything, I think that the CZ non-winning ceiling is the aim of the Eva 777 slot. I will aim for the CZ non-winning platform until about the 5th cycle.

After the end of AT, digest the outside world stage, check the eye catch when deciding the scenario, the stage title character, and the rank of the first cycle, and stop. Because the AT direct hit rate when the role of rare is drawn is given preferential treatment in the outside world stage.

The first in the Evangelion series, "Neon Genesis Evangelion," first appeared on pachislot in 2005, and has been extremely popular ever since. The Eva 777 slot, which was released as the first 6th machine, seems to be promising if you play by holding down the two AT entry points.

So far, I have considered the CZ, points when aiming at the ceiling, the aiming platform, and the time of disappointment with Eva 777. Please take a look as a reference for walking around.

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Pachislot Evangelion AT777 familiar with Eva 777. I considered the points when aiming at the CZ ceiling, the aiming platform of Eva 777 and the time of disappointment. Please take a look as a reference for walking around.