I lost the parent lottery. My mother was verbally abusive and my father threatened my life for 18 years. I am one of the happiest people you will ever meet today, and I am excited to be telling you how you can transform your life too.

You can have true love or find true love and success in everything you do in life, if you will give yourself permission to love yourself.

Intimacy in all of your relationships is only possible if you love yourself. If you don't learn how to love yourself after losing the parent lottery, you will be stuck in dysfunctional patterns of relating in all of your relationships.

When you love yourself, you let your real self shine. Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you love to do? What are your talents? What do you admire and respect about yourself? Nothing should be blocking you from shinning in your true light.

I couldn't answer one of these questions when I started on my journey to self- love. I suspect you are further along in your personal growth than I was when I started on my journey to self-love. And I applaud you for the self-growth you have achieved!

But don't stop until you reach 100% self-love! Give yourself the gift of self-love and self-acceptance every human being deserves to have.

You can remove any and all obstacles in your way of becoming your real self and learning to freely express your real self in all situations in life, especially in your love relationship.

Start by reprogramming your unconscious mind to believe you deserve to love and accept youself 100% starting now. There is no reason, other than some false, negative beliefs you have, that could be blocking you right now, from giving yourself permission to learn how to love yourself 100%.

Write down any false negative beliefs you have in your journal. Please get a personal growth journal for yourself if you don't already have one. Analyze your false negative beliefs until you gain a full understanding of how you arrived at your false conclusions about yourself.

Then forgive yourself. Recognize that you were taught to not value yourself by parents or caregivers who also lost the parent lottery. Take your power back.
Say "no thank you" to your false beliefs, and redecide that you are okay, lovable, special, unique, creative, brilliant, competent, witty, wise and beautiful or handsome. Love yourself 100% unconditionally.

You were born to love and accept yourself 100%. You were born to be your real self, and you can transform your life now so you can have the intimacy, the love and the friendships you dream of having. You can have the true love and success in love and life you want when you give yourself the gift of self-love.

Believe in yourself, expect the best and get. I did and I know you can too!

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Sandra Dawson, MA is a Love and Relationship Coach, and America's Most Loving Relationship and Trauma Expert and your Official Guide to Intimacy on SelfGrowth.com. What is blocking intimacy in your relationships today? Sandra is a Couples Communication Trainer and can help you with any communication issues. Sandra is a past Marriage and Family Therapist in CA, and can help you with any emotional issues blocking your ability to get close to yourself or your partner. Sandra has taught self-esteem skills for 25 years, and can help you develop the self-confidence you need to be all you can be. FOR YOUR FREE REPORT "YOUR GUIDE TO INTIMACY IN RELATIONSHIPS" CLICK HERE: http://www.adviceforloverelationships.com/