Everything about My Husband Grosses Me Out: My Husband Revolts Me

Sadly that's a phrase many women find themselves saying after a few years of marriage. The man you agreed to marry may have transformed himself into someone that's barely recognizable to you. When the stresses of raising children, tending to finances and chasing a career take their toll on a man, he can slowly become someone you just don't love anymore. It's not uncommon for a woman to love her husband but to not feel in love with him. Although it's a subtle difference, when you're living day in and day out with someone you're not in love with, it's problematic. If you're not ready to throw in the towel on the relationship, there's some much needed help for you. You can actually fall back in love with the man you married if you're determined and have an open heart and mind.

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If you start feeling as though you're not in love with your spouse anymore you need to take time to evaluate when you believe your feelings started to change for him. It may be hard to pinpoint the exact moment when you fell out of love but there were likely some episodes along the way that contributed to it. If you two have been arguing over something and have yet to iron out your differences that can change how you feel about him. Consider what conflicts you two are facing and then work with your spouse to find a resolution.

Quite often a woman will begin to feel disconnected emotionally from her husband because he neglects her. He doesn't bring her flowers on her birthday or Valentine's Day anymore, he may stop telling her she's beautiful and he may also pull back when it comes to intimacy. If these scenarios sound familiar, you actually can do quite a bit to remedy the situation. You may have fallen out of love with your husband because subconsciously you feel that he's fallen out of love with you. If that's the case, you need to start treating him the way you did when you two first met. This may seem like an illogical and unnecessary exercise, but it can literally change the entire dynamic of your marriage. Dote on your husband again, compliment him, make him feel special and adored. If you do this you may just find that your feelings will start to change as he begins to treat you in the same special way.

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There comes a time in all of our lives when we must truly take a step back and give our lives a once over with a fine tooth comb. This couldn't ring more true than when looking at how your marriage got into this troubling position in the first place. Doing so may help you to unveil not only what went wrong, but how to fix it.

With the hustle and bustle of every day life, it's easy to fall into patterns or repetitive behavior that might have not been taken on by choice. After a while, these types of patterns in behavior or what seems like part of the now everyday routine can really begin to play havoc on relationships and commitments that were previously established under a whole other set of patterns and behaviors, and have now become strained due to life changes.

You see, when you first get married, there's nothing to prepare you on how to weather the many storms, trials and tribulations that take place over the years. There are many changes that take place and it's a couples duty to their marriage to properly care for their marriage through all of life's many changes that come about. Many times, not balancing these changes in life with your marriage can be the sole reason of it's problems. You may not see it at first, until you carefully examine what changed and what the effects of that change are on the both of you.

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Often times, many things that change can have conflicting interests that require extra attention to balance them out. For instance, if you got married being a young strapping couple full of zest and energy, ready to take on the world together from the moment you said "I do", and decided to have children, well this goes without saying how it will now totally flip flop the dynamics of this marriage. For one, the attention you both once reserved for each other, will most likely now take a back seat to the attention that is needed to raise your children. The sleep you so once enjoyed together, will now be a lack of sleep, and to some degree, sleep will now become more important to one or both of you than other intimate encounters, if you know what I mean.

If you thought your schedule was busy before children, think again. You now have to, as a duty to your spouse and your marriage, find new ways of balancing out your new found responsibilities with what brought the both of you together in the first place.

Now this is just one example, but it's one of the most common. It leads to all sorts of issues. You're not doing things with your spouse like you used to. You're neglecting some of the things that you both used to hold so dear, like hobbies, vacation, long walks, night time dream sharing, intimacy etc.. The list, depending on who you are and what it entails could go on and on.

So, do yourself a favor and begin to pick apart what might have went wrong or the things that are lacking now in your marriage that meant so much to the both of you before change came along and try to insert those back into the marriage. It is often this lack of nurturing what brought the both of you together that causes most marital problems in your marriage.

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When your marriage is ending but you don't want it to end, it is literally one of the worst feelings you can ever live in your life - if this is your situation; let me first say that I feel for you. I have been where you are now a while ago, and know all the pains that come with it too well. But I saved my marriage, and I want to help you out in this hard situation.

First things first. Before you start doing the right things to save your marriage, you have to stop doing the wrong things first. Unfortunately, an ending marriage drives a lot of us wild with desperation, and makes us do all the wrong things. In order to save your marriage, you feel compelled to do something, and you go and beg your spouse for forgiveness. This is something that you should stay away from. I know it's tempting, but you should quit it at this moment!

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The correct way of approaching things is to understand the very important psychological law - people want what they can't have. Looking from that angle, it is obvious why begging is so wrong - it establishes you as an "easy to have" person. You have to reverse this, if you want your spouse to be attracted to you again. But how?

You have to play hard to get. To do this, you must first ensure that you are not in front of your spouse the whole day long - remember, you are trying to make yourself less easily reachable!

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I sometimes hear from couples who are confused (and a little upset) as to why they always seem to get along better when they are away from their spouse. Quite often, they fight or have continuous conflict when they are under the same roof. But when one of them has to travel for business or they choose a short trial separation, they find that they can actually relate to one another in a more positive way. This can often bring about both a sense of relief and concern. It's a relief that there is a reprieve from the conflict. But the worry is what this situation says about the state of their marriage.

An example of a comment that I might hear in this situation is something like: "my husband and I have always had a passionate relationship where we fight and make up. This was actually kind of exciting in the beginning of our relationship and neither one of us worried about this too much. But after we have been married for a while and had kids, we started to recognize how unhealthy the cycle really was. Once we were being more mindful of this, we started to notice that once my husband traveled for business, we always got along well when we communicated while he was away. That is why we decided to try living apart for a little while. And we have found that we continue to get along better when we are apart. We've even considered living apart and remaining married on a full time basis, but this probably isn't in the best interest of our children. What does this say about our marriage? If we can't get along when we are living under the same roof, are we better off divorced? Honestly, I do love my husband. And I really love our marriage when we are getting along. But this isn't all of the time. What is going to happen to us?"

I couldn't speculate about what was going to happen. This was a decision that only the couple could make. But, I can tell you my opinion on this. I don't think that having some conflict when living together is a reason to just throw your marriage away, especially since this couple had shown that their marriage could improve when they changed the circumstances. Admittedly, this situation might not be an easy one to navigate. It was probably going to take a lot of experimentation in order to come up with a situation in which every one was happy. But, I think that it is definitely doable under the right circumstances.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Try A Gradual Approach: I think that the wife was right in her assumption that living apart full time was going to be challenging with children. With that said, I think that having the husband just abruptly moving home without learning new communication and negotiating skills was not giving this couple the new tools that they might need in order to succeed. They had tried this approach more than once and it had always failed. So, it makes sense to try to learn new ways to negotiate living together this time around.

It could be that even run of the mill disagreements tended to run away with this couple. But, if they learned how to negotiate their problems effectively, perhaps this would no longer be the case. Once you've learned how to navigate the issues a little better, you could try the husband coming home on weekends. If that works OK, then perhaps after a couple of months, you add more time at home during the week into the mix until you find an arrangement that you are comfortable with. It's so important to be flexible here and to communicate.

I Think Every One Should Feel Free To Do What Works For Them: This is only my opinion, but I think that it is more important that your marriage is healthy and happy rather than traditional. All sorts of different marriages thrive in this world. What works for someone else may not work for you. But if you are happy with a more flexible living relationship or both you and your spouse need or want to travel frequently, I think that this is much preferable to getting a divorce. As long as you are openly communicating if the situation no longer works for you or if you have needs that aren't getting met, I don't think that this is a situation that can't be overcome or should be the end of an otherwise workable relationship.

Sure, there was obviously some need for improved conflict resolution. There was obviously some buttons being pushed when the couple were under the same roof for any length of time. And these things needed to be addressed and fixed. But none of this needed to mean the end of a marriage that was working under certain conditions.

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