Sound communication skills and the ability to speak fluently in many languages serve as pivotal factors both personally and professionally. If a person is good at conversing with others, they are always in demand, making a good impression and building relations. Bilinguals also have a huge demand in the job market and play a decisive role in career and employment.

The corporate world welcomes people with new skills. Businesses are now having an international presence and every reputed organization has collaborated with a foreign company. Besides knowing English, fluency in the Italian language can do wonders for a career. There are various jobs where knowledge of the Italian language comes into play. Those who’ve undertaken the Italian Language Course in Kolkata can take advantage of the scenario.

There are several giant companies that recruit freshers even if they have command only over the English language. But if the job demands relocating or going abroad, then a multilingual candidate is more preferred over a monolingual candidate. Therefore, job prospects in a multinational company will rise exponentially if a job seeker is an expert in the Italian language and can deal with Italian clients having good communication skills

There are many industries such as aviation, media, tourism, publishing, and IT which prefer to hire people who speak the Italian language. Those who can interact fluently can easily get a competitive edge over others. From working as translators to liaison officers, flight attendants to tour guides, there are infinite career options for Italian language speakers. But how does the whole process take place and how the recruiters get attracted by these candidates when it comes to recruitment?

Before candidates even attend the interview of a job, their CV undergoes a screening process by the employers. If someone mentions that he has undergone training in the Italian Language, it immediately stands out from the remaining CV or gets distinguished from the rest of the pack. If recruiters have vacant positions for such candidates, bilinguals are given the first preference. Those who’ve become certified by completing an Italian Language Course in Kolkata can easily apply for these jobs and grow professionally. They can impress the recruiters by mentioning the course in their resume. Those who’re already working can opt for the online format of the course because it will suit them more and fit into their hectic schedule. It is also a flexible and cost-effective option to learn the Italian language. In virtual training mode, lessons and lectures are delivered through video tutorials, PDF content, PowerPoint presentation,s, etc.

People who’re interested in utilizing their oral communication skills can apply for customer care representative jobs, tourist guides, travel agents, liaison officers, flight attendants, airfare and ticketing staff, international marketing and sales, etc. On the other hand, those who want to put their writing skills to the test can go for jobs such as translators and interpreters, correspondents, editors/proofreaders, bloggers, etc.

A rewarding career is what we all look up to and to achieve this ultimate goal, knowing the Italian language is obligatory. It will help aspirants to stand out from the rest.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on an Italian language course in Kolkata, he also worked as a foreign language professor and researcher in a reputed university.