The purpose of hiring an end of lease cleaning is having cost-effective, trustworthy service once you move from one property to another. But what makes you all worried is the price for hiring an end of leased cleaning. How to know how much it cost?

Often, you think that hiring expensive end of lease cleaning service in Darlinghurst will be convenient as they’re going to quality service. But let’s clarify one thing, this is all myth. There is no certain cost factor regarding quality service. You can even get a top-quality cleaning at a moderate cost.

Before you come under the false impression and get distracted with the pricing system of end of lease property clean, left no stone unturned to know what are the factors that determine cleaning cost:

The size of the property:

Depends on how many bedrooms you have. 3 bedrooms cleaning will be charging more than 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. The least pricing charge is for a studio apartment or single bedroom house.

Location of the property:

Bond cleaning near Sydney is cheap. The property cleaning price hike depends much on the location. But those bond cleanings are negotiable to an extent if you rely on a reputable service cleaning in your area.

Do services work on hourly basis or contracts basis?

Some end of lease cleaning service near Darlinghurst work on an hourly basis. If you think hourly basis hiring will be convenient for you, then go for it. Or you can make a contract and let them start the work.

Licensed services:

Those end of lease cleaning services who offer property damage controls or coverage scheme; they might charge you a little extra than normal hiring. But, you should always choose a licensed property cleaning service, as you will get full damage coverage if anything occurs to the property.

Which time of the year are you planning to remove?

The seasonal factors have a lot of issues at the end of lease cleaning. In certain times of the year, especially in the summertime, the cost of cleaning is after the end of atenancy is higher than winter times. As winter is not convenient for moving, everyone prefers summer or spring. the booking needs to be done in advance to get discounts.

Online or offline booking:

Two methods of booking are equally helpful. But, if you want to consider the pricing factor, then you should book in a way which will give you a discount. Enquire to some reputable bond property cleaning service. If you find that, that they are giving a discount in online mode, book in advance. Do otherwise if you find offline booking beneficial.

End of lease cleaning is not a piece of cake, which any local service can perform. A bond cleaning requires efficiency as there is a step by step guides related to cleaning and sanitising every nook and cranny of your house. 
It is your fulfilment what matters to professional service most!


  • Do your research about the pricing
  • Compare the price and cost-effectiveness between few professional reputable services in your locality
  • Enquire everything about the costing that you need to know.
  • Ask for estimation, and provide them, thorough details of your property and if possible ask them for a site assessment before starting the work.
Author's Bio: 

The author runs a business in Bond cleaning in Sydney. The author delineates the factors that ensure the pricing of a cleaning after a rental bond is over.