As I was thinking about the title of this writing, I said to myself, “The only way to title it is to be right to the point.” Every successful person has failed many more times than they have succeeded. Therefore the title...”FAILING ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP” is perfect. Being a person who is focused on personal goals in life and is mission-orientated, you will inevitably fail over and over all the way as you progress to ful?lling your WHY! The key is to truly understand that you WILL fail as you progress to the top. As soon as you realize every failure is a stepping stone to the top and that the more stones you have in place the higher your success level will be, then you will be on the right track. The following is a list of people we all know who are considered the top in their ?elds and all who failed many times but never quit.

Always remember: winners never quit and quitters never win!
James Earl Jones once waxed ?oors to earn a living.
JFK lost the election for freshman class president at Harvard.
Walt Disney was dyslexic as a child, and his ?rst cartoon production company went bankrupt.
Dr. Seuss’s ?rst book was rejected by 27 publishers, and he even considered burning the manuscript!
Jay Leno failed the employment test at Woolworth’s.
John Grisham’s ?rst book was rejected by sixteen agents and 12 publishers.
Michael Jordan was cut from his high school’s varsity football team as a sophomore.
John Di Lemme was a stutterer for many years of his life and is now an international,motivational speaker and strategic business coach that helps people achieve their dreams,goals and desires!

These are just a few examples among millions of people who overcame supposed “failures” and have gone on to being great successes. You need to ask yourself, “How strong is my WHY?” Can you endure the price you must pay in order to achieve your WHY?

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John Di Lemme

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