Just as you exercise your muscles to maintain the strength of your body, you should also regularly stimulate your mind to keep your thinking capabilities at their peak. If you neglect to exercise your brain cells, you will eventually lose the sharpness of your memory and your IQ may actually start to dwindle.

Exercises That Will Keep Your Mind In Shape

All sorts of brain exercises can be used to keep your mind in good shape. These range from simply memorizing a phone number to solving complex puzzles that may take several hours or even days to finish. The important thing is that you keep your brain cells functioning as often as you can.

While any type of brain function is good, there needs to be new things the brain can work out. This can be done by reading new books, learning a new language, or learning about your political stand point, and then debating with your colleagues. These types of exercises are a great brain workout.

Boost Your Brain Power by Singing

An interesting thing about words is that your brain processes them differently depending on whether you speak them or sing them.

This is the reason why some people use songs to get through difficult stages in their life. Many people believe that the music opens up a different part of the brain, enabling you to approach the problem with a totally different point of view.

Puzzles and Brainteasers are Excellent Mental Barbells

There are plenty of puzzle in the stores in your neighborhood. The more popular complex puzzle would be the Rubik's Cube, or Soma Cube.

To practice on something a little less complex there are jigsaw puzzles, Sodoku, crosswords, and word finders. To get your friends and family involved you could play games together such as: Taboo, Scrabble, Cranium, and any other puzzle board games.

Written puzzles are excellent tools for enriching your brain. In fact, any puzzle that requires some mental effort will be great in keeping your mind sharp and healthy. Furthermore, these mental exercises can also trigger several improvements in your psychological health.

Building a Positive Attitude

Your mind is only held back when you have a negative mind set. You need to clear your mind of such thoughts. You can do this by motivating yourself with Positive and inspirational poems, and songs. You can even set a desktop wallpaper that happens to inspire you.

Stimulating your mind actually requires very simple activities that you can do whenever and wherever you are. If you can make these mental workouts into a regular part of your life, keeping your thinking skills in top condition will be a breeze.

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