The term ‘video brochures’ scratches the surface of what can be achieved within this powerful medium. A video brochure is surely a game-changer that delivers a level of creativity, cut-through and, flexibility through the way we connect with audiences. It will unquestionably make a strong impact on your target audience. InstaVizion works to ensures each product is made with the highest quality technology. Below are some of the components:

We feature:

High-Definition IPS LCD Video Screen
Customized Screen Sizes
Lithium Battery (Leak and Damage proof)
Customized Memory Sizes
Custom Sizes & Styles
Customized Thickness & Paper Stocks – Super Thin to Hardcover Paper Stock

Video brochure manufacturing, printing, and packing is a complicated process and you should never cut corners. InstaVizion does not compromise at any stage of that process ensuring the video brochures you receive continue to set the industry standard for quality control.

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