Feeling Disconnected From Husband After Baby: Relationship With Husband After Baby

Couples fall in love and get married with a view and promise of spending their lives together till they die. Many people marry when they are very young and try and keep the relationship alive for the years to come.

However, it can also so happen that the flame soon dies out. This does not mean that partners have to start cheating on each other in order to get all the love and intimacy that they want because they can do the same by trying to rekindle the fire in their own relationships itself.

It is not a very hard thing to do. You are probably feeling so out of touch because you are thinking of all the negatives about your partner. You need to start concentrating on the positives and you need to open yourself up more.

- The key to an excellent relationship with your partner would include a whole lot of honest communication between the two. You both need to reach a stage where you can talk about absolutely anything with each other and not feel weird or awkward. This also includes discussing and talking about intimate things and then putting the same to practical application too.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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- It has been found out that some of the best marriages work out only because the levels of intimacy within the relationship are so high. As soon as there is lack of intimacy, the entire marriage can be seen as something that has failed and not reached its expectations. Intimacy in marriage is important so that the two people can feel connected to each other.

If there is a problem or a certain inhibition about doing something, then it needs to be talked about and counseled. You should not feel shy about anything and you can always consult a specialist if you need to. Marriage intimacy is something that every couple should have without regard of the fact that they are old or young. Another way to foster it is to have a baby.

- Getting pregnant is something that many young couples keep aside because they want to focus on their careers, and by doing so, their marriages fall apart and break down slowly. Thus, by having a baby they get closer and more protected by a bond and the baby that they have created together.

The nine months that follow before the baby is born is a very crucial time for both partners because it helps them realize a lot of things about each other and help each other in the process too. Try talking about your past and connecting it all together in a way, it is also something that can help in couple intimacy.

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Just imagine with me for a moment the following:

- A husband who enjoys conversing with you about building a life long marriage partnership.

- A husband who is a soul mate who understands your emotional and physical needs and meets those needs on a daily basis.

- A husband who is intimate and places your needs ahead of his own.

- A husband who doesn't try to solve all of your problems but instead is a caring listener who gives timely feedback when it's needed.

- A husband who is supportive and goes out of his way to help you fulfill your goals and dreams.

- A husband who does more than his fair share taking care of the home and kids.

- A husband who understands what makes you happy and does his best to bring joy and peace to your marriage and home.

- A husband who you trust and who trusts you.

- A husband who shows unconditional love towards you.

Ah, wouldn't this be refreshing if this was your husband? Is this the man you married or thought you were marrying? Perhaps your husband had a few of these qualities and you figured you could teach him the rest. Is this type of husband a fantasy or so rare to find that you would have a better chance winning the lottery?

Well, husbands or at least most husbands have the ability to be exactly what you need them to be to complete you and your relationship. You probably don't need or really want a husband who has all of the characteristics listed above.

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I know some of you are thinking you would like to train your husband to be a better husband and make your married life happier.

I'm sure your husband probably has a list of some qualities he would love to see in you and your marriage as well. He just doesn't know how to communicate them that well because he has been trained to keep his emotions and feelings in check.

You can however lead your husband and he will probably follow. For example if you show your husband unconditional love he will began to follow your lead and return the same.

If for example you are intimate with your husband and place his needs above yours he will no doubt feel the need to do the same for you.

The key to this is that you will need to lead by example and it will take him a little time to catch on but he will begin to get it. Your husband may need you to gently tell him what you need, want or like because some husbands don't connect all the dots.It doesn't mean that he doesn't love you the same or care. It's just not in his DNA to put all the pieces together.

The goal is to treat him how you want to be treated and then get him to see the benefits, joy, peace, happiness and fulfillment when both of your needs are being met.

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It is possible to have a marriage where both individuals are happy and thriving and not just surviving. You can train your husband to be a better husband but I feel that you will both be happier if you learn how best to meet each others needs.

Imagine having a happy marriage where your smile is genuine and your hugs are real and you enjoy spending time with your husband. Imagine having good communication and intimacy in your marriage and wanting to spend as much time with your husband and having him feel the same way about you.

Well, don't just leave it to chance or your imagination. Find out how to improve all aspects of your marriage now. I know you want a marriage that brings joy, peace and happiness to you and your husband.

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Are the warning signs there and you just want to ignore them? Or are you ready to take action and say, "help save my marriage!" Good marriages can take a bad turn for many reasons, including lack of communication, lack of a physical connection, putting other people first, not compromising and/or not spending enough time together. Sometimes couples feel like the honeymoon should last forever, when in fact, marriage is hard work and if one or both people stop working at it, the relationship become unimportant and may become unsalvageable.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, it's time to take action before it's too late. The following ideas are simple ways that often get overlooked that can help keep a marriage strong.

* Surround yourself with other married couples who also support your marriage.
* Be kind to your spouse, treat him/her as nicely as you treat others.

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* Always tell the truth so that your spouse will know how to handle you and/or the situation properly.
* Do the right thing and make the choices that will strengthen your marriage.
* Look at your wedding album and take a trip down memory lane together.

You may say, "easier said than done," or "it's too late." However, if you and your spouse are still together, it's not too late! If you feel you can't do it alone, turn to a trusted resource and say, "help save my marriage!" A marriage worth having is a marriage worth saving!Don't wait start taking action today.

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Frequently when a marriage is in turmoil, the decision is not mutual to get divorced. Frequently one spouse is left shocked and devastated by the announcement from his or her partner that their marriage is over. It's difficult enough to save a troubled marriage when both spouses are committed to the task. It can seem like an overwhelming task when you are trying to save your marriage and your spouse wants no part of it.

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So what often happens in these cases? Typically people are not equipped with a good plan for saving their marriages, and so acting on emotion, they make a lot of the common mistakes which almost guarantee failure. So many of these marriages could have been saved if only a different course of action was taken instead. What do I mean by this? Well instead of the typical, crying, begging and pleading; yelling and arguing, making threats, constant phone calls, emails and texts, promises to change, acts of revenge and other things that scream desperation and surrender power, what if you were instead to get hold of your negative emotions? What if you had a different plan that would literally change the dynamics of your relationship and cause your husband or wife to see the marriage in a whole new light?

After making most of the mistakes I mentioned above, I discovered a better way. It required me to do the following:

1. Stop making the common mistakes that were destroying my chances to save the marriage

2. Get out of my negative emotions

3. Dedicate myself 100% to saving my marriage

4. Commit to a proven action plan even if it seemed strange

5. Begin immediately to put this plan into action

Within just a few days of taking this new approach, things began to change in my marriage. My wife suddenly became interested in at least taking steps towards saving the marriage where before, she seemed bent on divorce. Today our marriage is better than we ever thought possible!

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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