Fellowship simply means you need to be spending time with people who are forging forward towards the same objectives as you in life - “SUCCESS”. When you converse with many successful people, they will all say, “I never would have made it if it were not for a few speci?c people, who truly believed in me and urged me to stay on track to attain my goals.”

Did you know...
Einstein was four years old before he could speak and seven before he could read?
Isaac Newton did poorly in grade school?
Beethoven’s music teacher once said that he was hopeless as a composer?
Edison’s teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything?
F.W. Woolworth got a job in a dry goods store when he was 21, but his employers wouldn’t let him wait on a customer because he didn’t have enough sense?
A newspaper editor ?red Walt Disney because he had no good ideas?
Enrico Caruso’s music teacher told him that he couldn’t sing?
Abraham Lincoln entered the Black Hawk War as a captain and came out as a private?
Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade?

All of these world-renowned winners fell numerous times but because of their determination and fellowship with the right people, they were able to win. Take a stand today and begin fellowshipping with the people who will be there for you during the rough times not only the great times!

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John Di Lemme

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