Female Coworker Flirting With My Husband: Husband Too Close To Female Coworker

A husband's affair at work is one of the most common causes why married couples fight or worse, get a divorce. Researches show that 75 percent of men confess to having sex with a coworker or an officemate.

There are various reasons why men engage in an affair in his office and the best way to stop it is to know why and how it happened. First, affairs in the workplace are very common because a husband spends at least 40 hours per week in the office. He spends more time with his coworkers than with his wife. Second, the number of female employees is increasing every year and therefore, the incidents of "office romance" are also increasing. Lastly, chances are high that he will be working with another woman who might share the same interest and passion with him. There will be a lot of opportunity for them to get to know each other and this usually leads to an intimate relationship.

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There are no definite signs of an affair but relationship experts say that a woman's intuition is the most powerful and accurate tool in detecting a cheating husband. That 85 percent of women who feel that their partner is cheating are right.

Below are the best ways to prevent or stop a husband's affair at work:

Know His Colleagues - By introducing your self to his coworkers, they will get the chance to know you and be part of the group. You will also have your own "eyes" and "ears" in the office when you befriend one of your husband's coworkers.

Let Them Feel Your Presence - Make surprise visits to your husband in his office and attend company events. Affair happens when there is an opportunity and if you do not give your husband a chance to have an affair at work, then it will not happen.

Marriage Counseling - It is very effective and helpful to get professional help especially when it comes to you marriage. Although this can be expensive, a lot of relationships have been saved because of it. Experienced counselors and relationship experts know how to deal and end a husband's affair at work.

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This relationship advice for women is something that more women who are dating face. Having said this, women who are married do feel threatened by women sometimes who look like they are also interested in your man, so this advice still applies to them. Ladies, you don't want to compete for your man. If your man has to choose, he's going to choose the woman who's not trying as hard. I'm sure that you know this inherently, but some women don't. I'm going to explain why this is the case and what you should do instead if you want to ensure that your man chooses you every, single time there's competition.

1. Desperation

Firstly, realize that your man is in the position of power. If there are multiple women going for one man, then he's going to choose the woman who wants him the least. It's just the way that we are wired up. We want what we can't get.

As soon as you're competing, this means that you're accepting the fact that the woman that you're competing with actually has a chance to take your man from you. The problem starts as soon as you enter the ring.

2. Loss Of Respect

Women who compete for men are hard to respect. This is because they are willing to put more on the line, including their dignity, to get what they want. These people simply look desperate and there really is nothing attractive about them.

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A man would never choose to be with a woman who doesn't respect herself. If she doesn't respect herself, she doesn't love herself and if she doesn't love herself, how much can she really love her man?

3. For Married Women Only

If you're a married woman, this point is particularly relevant to you. You're already married to your man. There is no need to compete. You've already "won", if you want to think of it that way. If you compete with another woman for your husband, he may as well be divorced from you.

He wants you to be confident and sure of yourself. He didn't marry you just for fun. He wants you for keeps. If you can show him that, you'll be able to laugh off any woman who might think of trying to ruin your relationship with your man.

This relationship advice for women is something that a lot of women face, especially if their man is considered attractive to a lot of women. Just realize that as soon as you realize the other woman is your competition, it's going to be a lot harder to get respect and love from your man. It's far better to pretend you're not interested in your man and have him choose you because you're not drooling over him.

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Growing your marriage into a lasting relationship involves learning to think in terms of WE. A marriage is a two person event. In the beginning the couple experiences a strong physical and emotional attraction to each other. Each is also tuned into the partner and focused on pleasing the other. They are happy and get married.

Gradually the demands of life put stresses on their relationship. They may experience a conflict between their personal happiness and their relationship happiness. It is how the couple makes room for both - personal and relationship satisfaction and contentment that helps their marriage grow into a lasting relationship.

Below are five concepts to keep in mind when thinking about how to nurture the marriage.

1. Love is a decision to do ongoing work to be a caring partner.

Caring about your partner is being cognizant that what you say or do has an impact on the relationship. You have to learn to think on two levels: I and We. Both are equally important.
Simultaneously you have to care about what your spouse needs.

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2. Care about how you contribute to the relationship

Ask yourself how you can be a loving partner and then act on that. Accept your partner for who
he/she is and be of support to each other.

3. Work through stresses by focusing on preserving and enhancing the relationship.

Life inevitably brings stresses and conflict. By keeping in mind that preserving the relationship matters it becomes easier for each person to handle their differences in a way that does not adversely affect the marriage.

4. Behavior is conditional

Loving someone does not mean that one puts up with behavior that is destructive to the marriage. Each person has to take responsibility to act in a way that does not hurt the relationship. If one spouse has acted in a way that has been hurtful to the other there has to be a willingness to say "I am sorry".

5. Develop a loving friendship

In relationships that last there is a joy in doing and being with each other. Likewise, there is freedom for each to be separate and pleasure at being connected and sharing a life together.

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Several years ago a wonderful thing happened to me. My sweet wife bought me a guitar for our 40th anniversary. This meant a lot to me because I had neglected my music for a long time and had nearly forgotten the importance of it in my life.

It seems like when I play guitar for a few hours, quietly, in the background, my wife starts to hum tunes. She seems happier.

This actually started way back when we started dating in 1964. I was just learning guitar and would play some chords for her in my car. She would hum along with "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" and other songs. Those were great times.

Now, sometimes, I get carried away and play nonstop into the midnight hour. This takes me through an extensive song list of dozens of tunes. When I go to sleep on the couch, still clutching my guitar, my wife says I look like the Picasso painting, "Old Man with Guitar". I take that as a compliment.

As an aside, even my cat likes my guitar playing. He starts wagging his tail, more so for anything Flamenco. I noticed this a few years ago. Whenever I played Samba rhythm using jazz chords he reacted. I should do a video of this and put on YouTube!

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Back to my wife, who is the center of my universe. She did not know that when she got me that guitar I would be craving even more instruments. One electric guitar, one keyboard, two mandolins and 13 harmonicas later, I have been on quite a roll!

She is a good sport, she knows I am crazy about music. There is a balance, however, that I am still searching for, in order to pay more attention to her. I guess this must happen for a lot of wives. Guys disappear into music, or sports or cars, not even aware they are leaving their girls behind.

My wife knows that I am trying to communicate better. We always look forward to the next season of Dancing with the Stars. We like to go dancing.

A lot of fun has happened since she bought me that guitar. I cannot thank her enough for that vote of encouragement, that thumbs up I got from that gift. The essence of marriage is friendship and we enjoy being each other's special pal. Now I am going to grab my guitar and get into the zone!

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