By Elaine Giftos Wright

In creating a good feng shui bedroom, you can start by getting rid of everything you don't need. Removing clutter is essential for good feng shui. Give away, donate or throw out the things you don't need. You'll feel lighter and the energy will flow freely throughout your space. Your bedroom should be literally and metaphorically quiet and simple.

A dirty and a depressing kind of environment will sap your positive energy. Be mindful of the first thing you see on arising, and the last thing you see before turning out the lights. Have clean and fresh air circulate through your bedroom. Use air purifiers if fresh air is not available.

You should not have any gadgets or electronic devices that have their own electromagnetic fields. These fields are associated with negative energies and can affect our immune system. If you must hove an electronic device, keep it as far away from your body as you can. Computers, televisions or stereo players etc. should be kept inside closed cabinets while you sleep.

Use soothing feng shui colors that create an ideal yin and yang balance, and therefore good bedroom feng shui.

Never place your bed under an overhead beam. Even wall decorations matter. Keep cheerful images and decorations on the walls of your bedroom.

Lighting in the room should be soft. Ceiling lamps should not be used. You can use two nightstands or other bedside tables with rounded corners so the chi is nourished and not "cut" before it reaches you.

Keep all the bathroom doors and closets closed when you sleep. Please don't keep your workout equipment in the bedroom! Any mirrors in the room should be round or oval and never placed at the foot of the bed. Your bed should be in command position - for side of the room which faces the door but is not in direct line with the door.

Your bed should be about 18" high so that you feel balanced and grounded. It should be easily approachable from both sides. You should not use space under your bed to store stuff. Your headboard should be placed against a solid Wall and that wall should not be shared with either a bathroom or a stove.


Elaine Giftos Wright

Author's Bio: 

Elaine Giftos Wright is a nationally known feng shui expert, author, instructor and speaker.