Are you tired of losing body fat just to find it again? Feeling guilty about all the money you have spent, chasing the perfect answer, wishing for magic? Do yourself a favor and stop allowing the media and everyone else to take charge of your physique. Right Now! Whether you want to lose 25 pounds, get toned or a competitive bodybuilder, we all must go through the same process to lose excess body fat. It is a simple process of learning how to eat food in the right combinations without trends, fads or gimmicks. These are not helpful to you long term and only benefit the people charging you for their product, think about it why would they want you to be successful long term, then you can’t come back and spend more money the next time you add a few pounds back right? Someone once said education is priceless, spend the time and money now to learn how to have that body you have always dreamed about. Learn it once, and use it use it forever. If you just make a few simple changes and learn how, what and where to permanently be “fat free”. Take charge and responsibility and start your education process to sculpt your body now. How do I know they work? Why am I so certain? Where can you find more information to educate yourself? I will tell you soon.

Fat is not the enemy regardless of what you have read or heard. You must have certain amounts of fat in the diet. Carbohydrates are not the enemy either it is just the combination in excess of the fats and carbs that make you fat and lack of exercise. Remember if you do the same thing you have always done, you will get the same thing you already got! Time for a realistic change? Protein, is essential for life, it is essential that you give your body protein at every meal. This is the simplest “diet trick “ I know. If you just make sure you have some type of protein at every meal within the guidelines of how many total calories you need per day, you will be amazed at the results. A good rule of thumb is 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight. It is easier to measure this in ounces. Calorie counting, yes you do have to count them but in an organized fashion, combine the correct number of calories, from protein, carbs and fat. Think about this, if you do not know how many calories you will use in a day or how many you are taking in your body has no choice other than to store the excess as FAT or not use any that you have previously stored. Starving is not the answer, your body is a very complex “machine” and if you don’t put enough fuel in it, it will store anything it can in the form of FAT. So stop skipping meals or delaying your first intake of food. Here is the point, if you don’t eat in the morning, you body thinks you are going to not give it any fuel for the day, and when you finally do it stores it, just incase you decide to starve it again. The point is, stop giving your body a reason to hold onto what you have already stored, convince that machine of yours to let some of the FAT go. Count the proper amounts of calories in the correct ratio for your physical needs and activity levels. Eat 5 or six small meals a day, don’t forget the protein. Tired of retaining water? Feeling bloated, the same principles apply, drink more water and don’t give your body a reason to store what it doesn’t have.

Tip: fill a gallon jug in the morning and put the date on it, don’t go to bed until it is gone. This is a fun “diet trick” I use all
the time.

Goals, you must have a goal and write it down, and put it every where as a gentle reminder to the commitment that you made for yourself. Make sure you can measure it. This is the most important part of the “physique transformation”; I have always said a dream is just a wish until you write it down, then it is a goal! Go get the pen. Then put your goal every where so you and the rest of your world can see it. I also use DIET COW ™ my little reminder for me to stay focused on my goal. He is my secret weapon in my mind to keep me on track, you can see DietCow ™ at my web site at
Don’t ever give up because there is no tomorrow. If you fall off track, get right back to it immediately, don’t say I will try again tomorrow. At every meal ask yourself is this the best food I can choose for my body at the moment? What other choices do I have to eat? Eat small frequent meals, this reminds your body that you won’t starve it with lengthy times between fueling (food) and it might just use some stored body fat between when you need some extra energy.Exercise, well all must do some to encourage the body to use stored fat. You say, but I don’t have time. I say we all have 168 hours per week, it is just how we choose to use them. You can find and hour here and there to get started. It will get you to that goal faster than you can imagine. Supplements and diet pills, are not magic bullets. If you want to supplement your food and nutrition there are certainly some wonderful products out there, but do yourself and your wallet a favor get your diet and exercise program right first. You will need the money to buy new clothes. Are you sitting there saying, I know all this. Ok then what are you going to do to take your physique to the next level to reach your goals? They are goals now aren’t they. You can contact me with questions on dieting, goal setting, and training programs or just check out DietCow™ at I have walked my talk, I was at once not to long ago a 196 lb.’s at 5’ tall. Now I am a natural for life competitive bodybuilder. Desire, dedication and determination make anything possible, look at my photos in the gallery at The answers and goals are not as hard as you believe. Get educated now. Happy Eating.

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