There is a special light in each of us. This light is the love that you are. This love is also your life force. As you allow this love to come forth, you experience the essence of life. You are happy, alive and free. Life is a joy, and great things happen.

When this love is suppressed, you disconnect from your life force. You lose your joy and you create a life of darkness, a life of fear, upset and suffering.

The opportunity of life is to connect with your life force, to have love in every relationship and in every aspect of life. Making this connection is the essence of spirituality.

Fortunately, there is a power that is much greater than you or me. This power is the source and the essence of love. To me, this power is God.

As you connect with God, and as you experience the presence of God in your life, you enter the garden of Eden. You become the hands and feet of God. You become a channel for God's love, and the universe moves to support you.

You make the connection with God by bringing forth your love. As you bring forth your love, you remove the blocks that keep you separate from God. As you remove these blocks, you experience the presence of God in your life.

Another part of this connection is your relationship with God. A personal relationship will allow you to be in communication and to receive special guidance.

To create a personal relationship, all you have to do is want one, and the more you want the relationship, the faster it will come.

For years I had a prayer. "Take me, God, I’m yours. Take me, God, I’m yours." I would say this over and over, always adding at the end, "If you are there."

I didn’t know if there was a God, but if there was, I wanted God to take me. Eventually, my prayers were answered.

Give your life to God and ask for a relationship. Your prayers will be answered and the relationship will come.

You hear God most clearly when you are still and at peace. When your mind is racing, you can't hear the voice from within.

There are several ways to still the mind. One way is to let go. When you are resisting, your mind goes ninety miles per hour. When you let go and stop resisting, your mind becomes still.

Another way to still the mind is to meditate. Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Create the feelings of joy, then bask in the love and the presence of God. Allow your thoughts to have their say and then be still. Move toward the silence.

In the silence you can communicate. Speak to God and listen for the response. Listen for your guidance.

Each person has a different way of experiencing the presence of God. Some people experience God by being in nature. Some experience God by participating in religious services. Others make the connection by praying and meditating, or by listening to certain kinds of music. Find the ways that work best for you.

I make my connection by going to a small Catholic mass during the week. During the mass, I go into a meditative state and experience being in the presence of God. I also listen to Gregorian chants. This restores my love and inner peace.

Making this connection is like recharging the batteries to your life force. The more you make this connection, the more your life works. Make the connection every day.

One day my brother was making the connection and had an experience that permanently altered his life. While he was praying he felt something take his hand and lead him to his desk. He then started to write a letter, but he wasn’t the author.

Here is the letter.

"Dear Randy,
Trust me. I will guide you. You don’t know and I do. I love you more than you know. I am the source of all you desire. You can only succeed by surrendering to my will. You think you know the way but you don’t. Learn to listen to me. Only I am the source of joy and fulfillment. You will never truly get what you want on your own. I am what your heart yearns for. Serve me. -- God."

The letter speaks a profound truth. We think we know the way, but we don’t. Believing that we know keeps us stuck forever. By giving your life to God and listening to God’s guidance, you can be lead to a life of joy and fulfillment.

Give your life to God and allow yourself to be managed. Listen to your guidance and do what you are told.

One of the best ways to receive guidance is to trust your intuition. Listen to your heart.
There is a very big difference between listening to your head and listening to your heart. When you listen to your head, you listen to your computer. You hear all your decisions from the past. When you follow your head, you are guaranteed to extend your past into the future.

When you listen to your heart, you receive guidance from an unlimited reality, a power much wiser than you. You receive the guidance that will lead you out of your past and take you where you need to go.

Your heart will always guide you in the direction of love. Learn to listen to your heart and do what your heart says. Follow your heart even when the guidance doesn’t seem to make sense. The more you follow your heart, the louder your heart will speak.

If you are willing, you can be led to a life that will exceed your dreams. Every aspect of your life can be effortless, an expression of love and joy. Every relationship can be loving and supportive. Finances can be handled forever. You will be vital and alive. You will know you make a difference.

You will also experience a confidence and an inner peace you never dreamed possible. You will be fulfilled and have a life of meaning and purpose.

All of this is possible when you let go of your life and put your focus on restoring love and connecting with your life force.

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This article was taken from the book, Miracles Are Guaranteed

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