It is most logical that using prevention is best to combat any disaster, you see.
This can be applied to combating the effects of negative emotions in PTSD.

Granted, the emotional traumatic event(s) already occurred for this plight.
What I am proposing is that we do not take it anymore without a fight!

We may have been side-swiped with how our trauma became.
Perhaps there was a warning, or not but afterwards we were not the same.

Now I would propose that an even greater enemy is covertly at hand.
It comes from those that would want to control our minds to prevent a stand.

The bible refers to these as, ‘persons without bodies’ who have a mission.
They are spirits contained in every strong emotion yearning for admission.

Ephesians 6:12 gives reference to principalities, powers, and evil doers, too.
Their evil deeds with intentions to destroy, steal, defame, and kill make us blue.

The sad part is that they usually go undetected by therapists who rule recovery.
Oh, how frightened they would become, like us, if they had revelation’s discovery.

There is a mighty, warrior’s weapon available that is equally unnoticed by most.
It is given to those who would study the Word of God, carried by the Holy Ghost.

This becomes the invisible, but irrefutable armor of preventive protection from God.
With the knowledge contained (through faith) that initiates power for good to trod.

We must be aware that this is so detrimental to the devil that he seeks to keep it away.
There is an evil strategy Satan employs to attack us with demons of every sordid array.

I shake my head to think of how easily he does this by fogging up our mind’s defense.
He keeps us busy with recurring negative thoughts that bind, and keep us on the fence.

What does this mean, “He keeps us bound by keeping us on the fence?”, per say.
It means that even if we do no harm to others, and go to church he steals what we pray.

This occurs when our prayers are for self-sufficiency, and not for giving God’s glory.
For without a spiritual connection (that comes from dedication to God) we are weary.

There are destructive demons with a diabolical, world-wide plan to obscure the truth.
They encompass our government, and churches, too, with officials who are uncouth!

Their mission is to destroy what is good, and kind to make way for hell on Earth.
They have infiltrated high places of authority that gives evil forces their unholy girth!

The enemies have been here too long, hidden while carrying out their own agenda.
America is the modern-day name for the biblical infamous Babylon, duh.

If we have been doomed to die in this diabolical plan, let us not go without a fight!
Put on the full armor, is what Ephesians 6:11-18 reveals in our battle plan of plight.

Let us pull away, struggle with all our might when we see the devil at our door.
If we can help our neighbor (whose life has been righteous,) help them all the more.

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