There is a quote from an anonymous writer who says, "Goals are as essential to success as air is to life." This statement is especially relevant to financial success and how it relates to financial goals. The way to be financially successful is to frequently set and achieve personal financial goals.

The problem is that when most people hear or read the words 'personal finance', their eyes go glassy and they immediately start thinking of something more interesting ... like what is the function of the scroll lock button of your keyboard? But, the reality is that learning how to get the most out of your finances is actually quite easy and that a little attention can go a long way.

Where are you financially?

It's hard to get anywhere if you don't know where you are in the first place. And with personal finance, it's just as difficult to set financial goals for the future if you don't know where your finances are today.

The best way to measure your financial situation is to calculate your personal net worth. Personal net worth is basically the bottom line of your personal finances. After taking into account all of your assets and all of your liabilities, what you get is considered your personal net worth.

The four types of personal financial goals

As you calculate your personal net worth, ideas for goals will begin to develop, write any of them down on paper, and then refer to them later when you are setting goals. There are four classifications for financial goals: The time limit you set to achieve the goal will determine what type of goal it is.

Short-term personal financial goals

These goals typically take less than a year to complete. These goals are usually extremely important, as many of your most important goals will depend on your success with these short-term goals. These goals are also important because they build morale and increase your financial confidence; Suddenly, the biggest goals don't seem so impossible. Short-term goals can include reading a finance book, starting to track your finances with personal finance software, or even paying off a credit card.

Medium-term personal financial goals

These goals should take less than five years to complete. These goals can be related to your short-term goals (that is, a short-term goal may be to pay off your Visa card and a medium-term goal is for all of your credit cards to be canceled). Medium-term goals, as well as broader goals, need to be closely monitored, as procrastination can often make personal medium-term financial goals very difficult to achieve.

Medium-long-term personal financial goals

These goals should take between five and 15 years to meet. There are people who have completely freed themselves of debt by carefully examining a medium and long-term goal. These goals sometimes evolve or change entirely based on life priorities.

Long-term personal financial goals

Long-term personal finance goals can take anywhere from sixteen years to a lifetime. These are goals that deal with your retirement and leaving an inheritance for your children. Many people set long-term personal financial goals to have a personal net worth of 'X' dollar amount by a certain age. Long-term goals also change and evolve as people grow older and their priorities in life change. You should review and evaluate your long-term financial goals at least once a year, perhaps when doing your taxes.

Reward yourself for completing your financial goals: Smaller goals can be associated with smaller rewards, while reaching bigger goals can be rewarded with a family vacation.

Speaking of family, involve your spouse and children (if applicable) in your financial goals. They will provide motivation and some financial goals will involve helping the whole family achieve them.

Prosperity of personal finances

Prosperity is a word defined by the person who uses it. One person may not consider herself prosperous until she reaches millionaire status, while another person may prosper because she provides her family with a simple house that is fully paid for.

When setting financial goals, it is a good idea to take some time and think about what you want in life, which will make you prosperous. Once this has been determined, set goals that will help you achieve prosperity - best of luck for more information click here

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