Balloons are a creative addition to many different types of events, allowing for everything from simple infusions of color to creative and elaborate designs. However, for someone who has never provided balloons for a large event, knowing what is necessary can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are many good balloon wholesalers available to help not only acquire enough balloons, but also determine what additional supplies are needed to make your next event memorable.

Your first step is to decide the characteristics of the balloons you would like to buy. Will your balloons be plain or printed? If printed, will the messages be yours or will they include logos and images that require licensing?

Balloon wholesalers offer a variety of options. Some balloons are plain and simple latex in various sizes. The more elaborate designs feature themed printing for almost any occasion. Your more complex options include balloons that defy easy categorization, take non-traditional shapes, or are made from non-standard materials. The sky is your limit when it comes to expressing your creativity with balloons.

When determining what type of balloon to use in a given project, an important characteristic to consider is the float time of the balloon. Float times, as the name implies, determine how long a balloon of a given material, size, and gas will stay afloat. This also helps determine how much the balloon can carry, an important detail to consider when determining what additional supplies you will need. Float times can also be increased by purchasing additional products that are often sold separately.

However, balloons are not all you will need, and any good wholesaler should also provide you with the additional products necessary to make your balloon experience a positive one. If your balloons require helium, wholesalers will often provide disposable or refillable tanks for rent or purchase. The use of helium introduces a variety of new considerations into the process, and any good wholesaler should be ready to guide you through the additional steps.

If you are not using helium, you will surely want to have an inflator. You've certainly experienced the dizzying feeling of inflating something on your own before. Increase that a hundredfold and you will appreciate the benefits of inflating balloons with a hand pump or some other device.

Balloon wholesalers offer such pumps specially designed to blow up balloons to the perfect size. Whether you choose a simple hand pump or a gauge inflator, you'll be glad you made the small investment.

Many other touches can help make the use of the balloons more memorable. Weights can help secure balloons with high float times, preventing them from slipping. Similarly, nets can discreetly keep balloons confined to a single area. For those who wish to add their own personal touches, there are books and other resources available to offer artistic advice on how balloons can be improved,

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