There are many things people commonly seek in this life. For some, the pursuit of money takes precedence over all else, while others simply want a life of contentment, with enough of the green stuff to live easily. The problem with the first desire is that it only fulfills part of the soul and the other is a situation of truly desiring something, but not being aware of what that something actually is. Contentment and harmony are a part of inner peace. When your life feels imbalanced and vaguely unsatisfying, it's a sign that you are missing a vital essence in your world.

Despite the best of intentions and trials, it can be difficult to establish inner peace. The ancient practice of Feng Shui is designed to provide peace and tranquility in all aspects of your life through the proper organization of your home and the placement of certain objects. When Feng Shui is used properly, it encourages the flow of positive energy and engages your personal strength to create a more balanced and harmonious existence. Not only will you reap the rewards of this philosophy, but so will all who live and visit your home. So without further ado, let's look at some of the ways you can inspire greater inner peace and harmony with Feng Shui in your home and life.

One of the first things you will want to do to prepare your home for the influx of positive energy it is about to experience is to set your intention. This is an intensely private act. It doesn’t have to involve complicated mantras or burning incense, though that is perfectly fine if that fits in with your beliefs and comfort level. All that you really need to do is picture the good intentions and results of what you are hoping to accomplish. Begin the Feng Shui process with an open heart and spirit and remind yourself that everything you do from here on out is designed to improve and enhance your existence and that of everyone who enters your home.

With your good thoughts in place, the next thing on the list is a serious cleaning job. Your standard weekly cleaning isn't going to be enough for this. You have to get into every crevice and corner. The closets, under the beds area, and garage or basement aren't exempt either. Break this chore up over a period of time if that makes it easier to get through. Feng Shui and creating greater inner peace start with making a clean slate for yourself, your home, and your life.

You may wish to pay careful attention to the exterior of your home as well. Creating inner peace with Feng Shui begins when you first arrive home. Keep your yard well maintained and the landscaping trimmed and beautiful. Lighting is an important part of Feng Shui. Make sure your front entrance is always well lit, especially after dusk. This encourages good chi to make a visit to your home. Plants always denote growth. You are encouraged to use plant life both outside and inside your home. It is difficult to have peace on the inside if the outside of the home is disorganized and lacking in peace itself.

On the inside of the home, there are several changes you can make to promote peace with Feng Shui. We have already briefly mentioned plant life. There is nothing that symbolizes new growth more than a well maintained and cared for plant. Place your favorite types of houseplants around your home to encourage new growth of your spirit. The most important thing to remember in regards to plants is to make sure you keep them watered and remove any leaves or sprigs that are past their prime. Dead or dying plants aren't conducive to the flow of positive energy.

The one thing that goes right along with plant life is water. Water is one of the vital elements in the practice of Feng Shui. Peace can be achieved using this relaxing element in the right places in the home. You do want to keep water out of your bedroom and from behind your office chair. Beyond those two places, feel free to use fountains, paintings, and sculpture that reflect and represent water. It is believed in the Feng Shui practice that water is capable of flowing our fears and worries away and leaving a serene feeling in their place.

Looking for and finding inner peace is an accomplishment that everyone looking for a true existence should strive for. It inspires better energy and success in every aspect of our lives from personal relationships to financial and career success. Feng Shui and creating greater inner peace go hand in hand. With your new found positive energy flow and deeper awareness of the world around you, inner peace can't help but follow.

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Candace Czarny “Award Winning” Interior Designer, Subtle Energy Expert and author of the best selling “20 Minute Feng Shui” is launching her newest work “The Master’s Secret Key” at , a short work design to inspire the reader to self-empowerment.
She has been inspiring and educating people on line with her web site since 1994. Her site is constantly ranked in the top 10 of Google and Yahoo and she has developed a loyal following.
Her passion is “creating a paradigm evolution, where people believe that creating their environment is the key to creating the life they desire.”
Candace Czarny is the president of Wind & Water, Inc. She has more than 30 years’ experience in interior and “Green” design, facilities and project management and Feng Shui.
Candace has practiced interior design since 1973 and received her Degree in Interior Design from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech) in 1977. She is a NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer and a Professional Member of ASID. She is a Certified Facility Manager (CFM) and a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). She is responsible for the Design of the First “Gold” LEED Certified building in the State of Arizona. She has also received the Design in Excellence Award from the Arizona chapter of ASID and the Best of the Best Award in Sedona.
In addition to her scholastic studies, Candace apprenticed with Feng Shui Master and Shaman Cuneo for 5 years. Her studies consisted of field work and daily training in the oral tradition. Her training comes from a global perspective of esoteric sciences and incorporates: Landform and Black Sect Feng Shui, Hawaiian Huna, European Geomancy, Native American and South American Energy Sciences. She teaches practical, accurate, in-depth energy principles with creative and modern applications. Her clients have testified of dramatic results using Candace’s advice from romance to business.