Find joy in the little things. Success comes from knowing that you lived a life lived well.

It seems that in today’s fast pasted, multi taking society; we forget to follow the time tested adage of simply ‘stopping to smell the roses.” How many times have we let the glory of a sunset pass, because we were focusing on the bumper to bumper traffic instead?

We get caught up in the day to day activities rather than taking the time to enjoy the gift of existence. Not quit sure who said it, but one quote never rang so true: “It’s guaranteed that while you are in your last of days, you will not look back on life and wish that you would have spent more time in the office.”

By agreeing that this statement is true, wouldn’t it make sense to set a few moments aside from something we will not remember, and replace them with an experience that we will?

This can be accomplished by finding Joy in the little things. Start with something small. Take two short minutes to look at the outside of your own refrigerator. Actually stop and take in all the notes, photos, drawings, or even the magnets you brought back from your last vacation. (When was that anyway?)
Immediately, you may see that a chunk of metal may be enjoying your life’s special moments than we have ourselves.

Author's Bio: 

Greg S. Reid, co-author, Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold