As we enter into the summer of 2009 our entire socioeconomic lives are feeling the strain of the financial meltdown. There has never been a better time to rethink and reposition our efforts and mindset with respect to our portfolios, or lack thereof.

The old school concept of financial broker or financial planner is all but extinct. The once uneducated public about the old financial paradigm of entrusting a guy just because he wears an expensive Armani suit and flashes a business card with "professional adviser" on it has taken a back seat to the duly informed and empowered financial activist.

Over the past few years, the industry has indeed seen a paradigmatic shift in our methodologies and systems for financial advice. A Financial Coach or mentor can act as a guide and instructor as America begins to dissect the corrupt and manipulated stock and mutual fund managers. The fact of the matter is, and people are now asking the question, why would we entrust our hard earned money to you and what "trading in the market" experience do you have personally? You see it has become painfully obvious that most so called "financial experts" do not have a clue about real, tangible trades or investments. They are just paid to take your money, let the fund managers decide where to put that money, charge you fees and commissions and then hope it makes money. I believe there is a reason they spell it BROKER's!

We are finally seeing a displacement with investors of all types to look to a mentor or "skin in the game" activist within a market subset to guide them in empowering themselves. It makes much more sense to look to a firm or an individual whom has actively traded his or her own account with real, tangible assets and not paper manipulated stocks or bonds.

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Author's Bio: 

Scott Lifer, born October 7th, 1967.
Founder and CEO—

Scott is a Professional Speaker in this Mega Information Era educating on “out of the box” investment methods with an emphasis on the only one, true tangible wealth building investment, commodities.

He believes strongly that the biggest impact of the financial collapse and breakdown of our socioeconomic systems is not the money being lost, but the pandemic state of “Isolationism” we all feel in trying to survive in this era.

Scott advocates and teaches on the importance of restoring that “American Spirit” of Free Enterprise networks by helping people get out of that JOB (Just Over Broke), out of the employer-employee top down model and into a system of mentors and coaches that truly want to help us all realize our hopes and dreams.

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