If you are buying a home for the first time, it would be beneficial for you to search the different assistance programs available to first time homebuyers. A first-time home buyer is essentially someone who hasn't bought a property three years before submitting a loan application. There are different programs available that qualify homebuyers for financial assistance, home loans, and even counseling on home preparation.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development. USA O HUD offers many of these. Their programs are often offered to low-income households so they can have a home of their own. To carry out these programs, HUD works together with housing authorities, local government offices, and also approved lenders.

The Federal Housing Administration or FHA offers secured loans for first-time home buyers. This program offers more opportunities for home buyers to be eligible for a mortgage loan due to its lenient credit and down payment requirements. As of December 2010, those applying for an FHA loan must have at least a 640 credit rating and a 3.5% down payment saved to purchase the home. The list of approved lenders who can finance these FHA-insured loans can be found on the HUD site.

The American Dream or ADDI Down Payment Initiative also offers a maximum of $ 10,000 for down payment and closing costs to first-time homebuyers who qualify. To be eligible for this program, the home buyer must meet the income level requirements. Financial assistance is basically a deferred loan in which payment is not required unless the property is refinanced, sold, or if the owner no longer resides in the home.

There is also a Home Ownership Voucher Program, which is for people dedicated to achieving homeownership. Qualified homebuyers can transfer their proof of rental assistance into one for mortgage assistance. To do this, the home buyer must have a continuous employment history and must also be approved for a loan from a lender. Anyone interested in this program should go see the local housing authority in their area.

For more information on obtaining first-time homebuyer assistance, you should consider speaking with any of the HUD-approved housing counselors. A good counselor can help you figure out how much you can pay when it comes to paying off the mortgage along with other expenses associated with buying a home. Often times, these services are free, so it doesn't hurt to get help if you need it.

There are only a few of the assistance programs available to home buyers. Do some research and check with your local Housing Authority to find out what else can be offered, https://www.cambridgehomeloan.com/.

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