We all, from time to time, make a promise to get fit, stay fit, and feel good about ourselves. But the truth is that, most of the time, physical exercise and physical exercise turn out to be a drag. It shouldn't be and doesn't have to be this way when it can be challenging, exciting, and interesting. When was the last time you did your training and felt like you accomplished something, not just happy to be done? If you're having trouble with the answer to that question, inconsistency and boredom are most likely to blame, two of the biggest factors and reasons why people don't reach their fitness potential.

Have you ever seen people go to the gym and do the same routine day after day, the same physical exercises in the same order over and over again? You probably won't see them for long because the boredom kicks in, and unfortunately, they aren't seeing any success in fitness, despite their hard work. So how do we fix that? You know what they say about variety. Over the years, I've learned a lot from my clients, and number 1 on the list is that the more I vary their workouts, the more they enjoy it, the better they feel, and the faster they see success. The focus and goal remain the same, but your workouts always have something new in them; challenging them both physically and mentally. It's really easy to vary your training! Try using a stability ball instead of an exercise bench, if you do your back exercises with a high cable, use a low cable, if you usually work on machines try dumbbells or bars. Finally, one of my favorite ways to vary workouts is to do the exercises in reverse order. Trust me, for the effort you put into varying your workouts and challenging yourself, the rewards come back many times over. Variety is the spice of life and exercise too!

Another important thing you can do to achieve fitness success is to exercise consistency. The consistency, by the way, comes in 2 parts. The first and most obvious thing is programming. It's a good idea to realistically assess how much time you can spend on your fitness goals, and then schedule it into your daily planner - in Pen! Think of it as a non-negotiable event; Be as consistent as possible with the days of the week and the hours of the day. Since you are going to spice up your routines, no more boredom, remember, your regular training program can become a treasured part of your week. The second part in consistency involves the details of the exercise for your goal. To be successful in fitness, you must consistently follow proper protocols, including the number of reps, sets, and rest time for your specific personal goal. An example of a suitable protocol would be if you want to lose weight, be consistent with 2 to 3 days per week of strength training and 5 to 6 days per week of cardio training. When you are strength training, complete 1 to 3 sets of each exercise with 12 to 20 reps in each set and limit your rest time to 15 to 30 seconds between sets.

I've talked about variety and consistency in planning your exercise program, which brings me to this last point. How do you combine different types of exercises in your exercise routine? Specifically, types of exercise such as cardio, strength and flexibility training, Yoga, or Pilates. Believe it or not, there is actually a proper order, an exercise protocol, for what type of exercise you should do first, second or third and that is due to the effect that the types of exercise have on your body. The accepted protocol is as follows. After a warm-up, strength training comes first because you always want your body to be cooler and stronger when lifting weights. Cardio should always follow strength training because it is exhausting and exhausting. Lastly, it must be flexibility, yoga or Pilates because they stretch the muscles. Always remember to end your workouts with an easy stretching routine and a cool down! Use as many different types of exercises as you can in your workouts, but remember the correct order to get the best benefit. I hope this makes it easier to achieve fitness success with all the work you put into your workouts for more information click here https://gymsandbags.com/

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Fitness Workouts: Simple Guidelines for Success