One of the most important Sales Techniques I learned in marketing and building a business is the power of relationship building.

When I put my energy into getting to know my clients personally their likes and dislikes, what their interests and passions are, that takes the business relationship to a deeper level. It’s called you are my friend. People want to do business with people they like.

Amazingly enough decision makers will choose the people they feel they can trust and they like before choosing a company that has been in business for a hundred years or has double the employees. My direct experience has shown me time and time again, get to know your client bond with your client and you have a client for life.

The way I build relationships is by coming from a place of true curiosity about the person and who they are, what makes them tick.

That genuine interest is what starts the ball rolling. When I start the conversation with any potential new client it will have something to do with getting to know them and finding out what we have in common. If you ask someone enough questions you find out pretty quickly what you both have mutual interests in. Once you discover that, you’re set.

Most people really love when they meet someone else who shares one of their passions. They light up when they know they can talk all about what they love with someone who not only understands but wants to talk about that subject as well.

What you have in common can be anything really. You both love old movies. You both love to jog. You both have children about the same age. You both were married once and now divorced. Believe me if you play twenty questions with your client you will most likely find more then one thing you have in common.

Sales Technique #2…Don’t sale

You may be thinking what kind of a sales technique is that? That is the point, the more honest and real you are and coming from a place of service, the more people you will be attracted to you and want to do business with you. When you start out trying to sell someone something they immediately get their defenses up.

The reason for this is because there is too much “You need to do this…and for only $19.95 you get all that.” It’s called a pitch. I have never pitched a person in my life. Or if I have it’s been such a long time ago I don’t remember. :)

If my potential client tells me I am a great sales person then I know I am Selling too much. At that point I have to stop and listen…to my client. One of the biggest mistakes sales people make is they are talking too much and they miss the queue. Your customer just told what they need from you to close the deal but you didn’t hear it.

My sales numbers have always been award winningly high. With that type of consistency and recognition other managers naturally wanted me to train and implement my winning sales techniques for their company or office. They want to know what my secret sales techniques motivation are.

I would get requests from within the company where I was a Regional Manager to take sales people out in the field from other regions. Everyone in my nation wide company wanted to know how my personal sales numbers and my offices numbers were always so high.

I agreed many times to take out sales people from other regions to help them increase their profits. One of the first things I would tell a sales person that is coming along to observe my sales technique, "I don't have a canned presentation, when I meet with a client it is not going to look like I’m doing a presentation. It is going to look like I’m having fun and just talking and gathering information with my friend, even if I just meet them.”

Have Fun

The reason for that is… it’s exactly what I am doing. I love people and I love helping people. When I go to see a client I look at it as a social event that is fun and therefore the client has fun. They can’t wait until I show up. Most people say I brighten up the office. Of course I stay professional, but very real!

How many referrals do you think I get? A LOT why? People like me and they know I like them. People trust me. I am genuinely interested in meeting their needs. I am not pushing some over rehearsed sales pitch down their throat I am talking to them and asking questions, lots of questions. I am investigating, which is very important.

Try it next time you go to meet a potential client, just bond. Pretend you are a reporter and your job is to find out your clients likes and dislikes. To find out what they respond to and what they don’t. And while you’re doing that you make it fun for both of you. It should be easy and relaxed as if you’re talking to a friend.

Understanding What Your Client Wants to Hear

Once you know what they like and what they don’t what is important to them and what isn’t, when it’s your turn to talk you will have gathered enough information that you know exactly what to talk you presentation is going to be, which is why a canned pitch will never work. What you say to the client has everything thing to do with what you just found out.

If they tell you the most important thing to them is what you will do if something goes wrong with your service and additional costs that may come up over time. Your presentation should start by addressing those two topics.

Letting them know you have a plan in place if something should happen. Letting them know if your service requires them to spend more money down the line. If so tell them the benefit of this, never apologize for it.

If you are offering additional services that are of value present them that way. They only care about XYZ there is no reason to tell them all about ABC for twenty minutes. By the time you get to XYZ they won’t be interested. You lost them at ABC.

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