Kids are picky eaters, but if you know how to find fun ways to prepare and display their favorite foods, you'll find them enjoying your party. There are many quick party foods you can make.

Pizza: Most kids like pepperoni on their pizza. If you can get them to eat green and red bell peppers or another vegetable on your pizza, it would have more nutritional value.

Cheese and crackers: Protein and calcium help children in their growth and cheese is a food that contains them. Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses along with round shortbread are a big hit with kids. Some children even like diluted wheat, which is also good for their health.

Meat Sticks: The nutritional value of meat sticks is debatable at best, but they are at least delicious. It is also a source of protein.

Vegetables and ranch sauce: Most children don't like to eat vegetables. However, those who like them will like them more because they think Veggie and Ranch Dip gives them great flavor. Hopefully those kids who don't normally like vegetables will find them palatable when the sauce is used. It's worth a try.

Chips: This is definitely not the healthiest meal, but it's a party and the kids are supposed to have fun, so relax a bit with those rules and let them enjoy.

Pretzels: Pretzels are a healthy, low-fat alternative to French fries.

Ice Cream: This is one of the foods that is most often served and expected at a children's party. Ice cream goes well with just about anything, and most kids will be disappointed if it's not served.

Cake: Cake, of course, is the most important item on the food agenda. How else can a child light candles and sing a birthday song? A tasty alternative to this would be a frozen cake.

Hot dogs and hamburgers: In general, all children love hot dogs and hamburgers, even if they are not the best quality. They make good party food. Some kids like them plain, others like a little ketchup.

French fries: French fries serve as a complement to hot dogs, fish sticks or hamburgers and are inexpensive.

To avoid stress, make your preparations ahead of time. The foods you want to buy can be ordered in advance. Some food services or pizza and burgers offer home delivery. If necessary, ask your friend to help you collect the cake.

Kids with food allergies will be the first to tell you, but in case they forget, ask them first. If there are, make sure that food is not served, or if it is, assign someone to make sure the child with the allergy does not have access to it.

With all of these preparations in place, parents should spend a less stressful time getting ready for the party and instead enjoy being with the kids as well.

Kate Slinger is a professional event planner and avid writer. Take the common sense approach to organizing parties, celebrations and holiday events with unique ideas and on a limited budget.

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