For The Weak At Heart

The Best Things Are The One Given To Times Of People Seeing What Is Really Important To Them, Such As Our Children, Our Lovers, Family, Friends And Other Loved Ones

Because Some People Get Stuck In Spots Where They Think Only One Thing Matters Or They Are Hurt Or Afraid To Move Forward They Feel Trapped For A Sense Of A Word Not being Able To Breath

The Real Reasons For Some Is Just That Fear And Sometimes Scars Also, Because Of This Some People Slow Down And Some Just Plain Stop, While Others Try And Move Forward And Then Slam On The Brakes, But No Matter What Happens If Damage Is There You CANNOT Let It Hold You Back Or Allow Fear To Override Your Movement In A Forward Way

I Started Seeing More Of A Pattern In This About A Year And A Half Ago, And Since It Has Exploded And It Has Gotten Way Out Of Hand

You Would Have No Idea How Many Relationships Are Damaged, Hurt, Broken, Ruined Or Many Other Ways Effected In The Process

The Most Unbelievable Part Is People Pat Themselves On The Back And They Are Proud Of Themselves Or Worse Yet Family Or Friends Do It For Them? What Is This All About? Hearing A Woman Say I Do Not Need a Man In My Life Just Drives Me Crazy Or Hearing A Man Say I Do Not Need A Woman In My Life And So On About ANY Relationship Is How It Goes, It Does Matter To Your Attitude And Your Healthy Well Being You Know You CAN Make It On Your Own! BUT You Are Lying To YOURSELF And Trying To Convince YOURSELF About This NO ONE ELSE!

No One Should Encourage You In This Behavior!

This Is VERY Counter- Productive In Moving Forward And Being Happy In Your Life, Things You See As Being Right, Wrong Or What Ever It Is Mad To Think Everything Is Bad All Of The Time But Some Of Us Do This On An Everyday Basis NO This Does Not Mean You Are Mad! It Means You NEED To Try To Get Some REASONABLE RELIEFE! If You Are Biting All Of The Time Or It Is Just One Person You NEED To STOP! NOT EVERYONE ELSE! YOU DO! YES I SAID YOU DO! YOU HEARD ME

Even If “MOST PEOPLE” Think You Are A “WONDERFUL PERSON” This Only Means You Are Not Showing The Others Colors To Them For What Ever Reason YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS! If It Is A Boss, A Friend, Relative Or What Ever, Sometimes We Have A Reason? We Could Get Fired, Image We Do Not Want Someone Else To See Us Act Mean And Nasty Because They Think We Are Wonderful! Anyway We Know Who We Can And Cannot Act Up In Front Of! Even The Best People Have Things They Do Not Want Other People To Know! So What Can We Do To Fix This?

Well To Start Off With Talk To Someone Who Sees You As You Can Be All of the Time This Is Not Really Most Times The Case Most Times You Get Mad Or Rude Or Whatever The Case Most Times People Only Act This Way In Front Of People Who Have Already Seen You Act This Way Before!

The Next Time You Tell Someone Or Yourself I Am A Nice Person And EVERYONE Thinks So? Have They Seen The Way You Act To Your Other Half Your Mom Or Dad Or Who Ever?

Let’s Say They Have? Well You Should Be Proud First Of All! “NO NOT REALLY” Embarrassed YES! But You Need To Know A Lot Of People Even Close To You WILL NOT Say Something Because They Feel It Is Not Their Place! Not Because It Is OK Or They Agree With You!

This Is NOT A BASHING BLOG! It Is Just Written Where Most People WILL NOT Point It Out To Their Loved Ones About How They Act Or Treat Someone!

It Could Be You Are Not Aware Of How You Act?

You Think It Is OK And It Does Not Matter They Can Deal With It?

Really Bad PMS Time? YES GUYS Have PMS But Its A Way Of Saying They Have Moments TOO

A Chemical Imbalance, Thyroid Or Other System Issues

Medicine Reactions?

PAST ISSUES, FEAR From Being Hurt, Relationships, Kids, Parent Or Friend Or Job Problems Or Other?

There Are Many Things To Cause This Anxiety, Depression Or Other Things Of Balance Mental Or Physical Things

What Ever The Case Being A Lot Of Things Are Made To Be OK! This Is NOT OK And We Have To See Things From Other People Eyes As Well As Our Own! If You Are Fighting A Lot With Someone,
Is It YOU? Or Them Or BOTH? You NEED To Find Out And Then FIX IT!

I Know This Sounds Easier Than It Is BUT You Have To Start SOMEWHERE! Ask Your Doctor, A Friend, Counselor, Life Coach, Clergy Or ALL Of The Above! Just Get Some NEUTRAL Help!

It Does NOT Mean You Go And Get Divorced, Break Up Need A Break Or Anything Like This! It Just Means You Work On Things That Are NOT Balanced And Feel Like You Know Something Is Wrong BUT You NEED HELP To Figure It Out

I Am Going To Be Getting More And More Plans For People To See And Follow In The Coming Months And I Am Sure I WILL Be Able To Show You How These Things Can Be Followed And Make You Feel Better And Make Life A Lot Easier For EVERYONE

I AM SURE Of One Thing And That Once You Look All Around You And You See ALL Of The BRIGHT Things Around You, And You Take What I Call The Pause Button, And NOT JUMP At ANYTHING RIGHT AWAY, YOU WILL START To FEEL SO MUCH BETTER

I Have Been Helping People For Over 20 Years And Over 70,000 Times I Have Been There To Help Someone Move In The Better Direction For Themselves And Their Well Being

The Point Is Get Someone Or Many People Who Can Help Too Help

I Did NOT Make ANY Periods Because This Will NOT End And You Will Build And Move Forward

God Bless

Dr. Char Richards, PhD. DMRS
Doctor Of Motivation And Relationship Specialist

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Char Richards, PhD. DMRS
Doctor Of Motivation And Relationship Specialist

With Over 20 Years Exp, Helping People I Have Used Radio And Television As Well As Groups And One On One's To Help Show People What Is Really Going On And How To Build A Better And Happier Future

I Look Forward To Hearing From You