Best Foreign Currency Exchange Rates in Bangalore - BTM Layout

We pass through BTM Layout to get out of the city and zoom back in, countless people wait for their outstation buses near the Madiwala police station, but have no idea what BTM stands for. BTM is an abbreviation of Bommanhalli, Tavarekere and Madiwala Layout, now that you learned it, don't forget to show it off when you gather at Bannerghatta National park for a quick get away.

With an area expanse of 45 Kms, it isn't surprising to learn the staggering 60% annual raise in property prices. So, you must be well off to be in BTM, no we are just leaning into the heart of the matter to let you know how to make use of foreign currency to enhance your life in BTM.

Money Changer With Best Rates In Bangalore - BTM Layout

If you have a friend or family living abroad and in need for immediate cash for any case of emergencies, you must take advantage of the Outward Remittance to send money in a safe, secure and swift manner so that it is transferred to the intended account on time. Also, if you are planning for a casual or business related overseas trips, you will definitely benefit from holding an Orient Exchange Forex card.

Orient Exchange is a RBI authorised category 2 money changers near you, so if you are looking to acquire foreign currency by the exchange of your domestic currency – you are at the right spot. With twenty plus pan-India branches and ties with nations like UAE & Hong Kong, we have gained the business acumen to provide the best rates in the market to aid in your foreign currency requirements.

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