Forex brokers are always looking for new traders, and the best brokers are willing to offer awesome bonuses when people sign up to trade Forex with them. As expert traders, we've seen it all. Forex brokers offering bonuses per trade, a bonus for each new account sign up, competition bonuses, Forex bonuses for a certain amount of pips earned on a currency pair (such as the EUR/USD), referral bonuses & even special trading bonuses such as vacation to the Bahamas or a new convertible.

While brokers are offering these great bonuses to new traders, people are taking advantage of the truly amazing potential of Forex, and earning money just to trade, as they would be anyway. Many brokers let traders open a micro account for as little as $1. How amazing is that? People can get started trading Forex, one of the best, most effective ways to earn cold hard cash online for just a buck. Things have really gotten amazing.

Forex Trading Systems Getting In On the Action

While many brokers are offering great bonuses, Forex trading system have also decided its time to get in on the action. The best Forex trading systems are providing bonuses just for signing up, bonuses that include extras which can help you make more money trading (hopefully adding even more bonuses from your Forex broker) & most importantly, helping you consistently build up your Forex account.

This presents a great situation for the Forex broker, trading system & trader. The Forex brokers & trading system have a chance to establish a great, long term relationship with you & you get to earn money trading Forex, & get a bunch of extra bonuses & cool stuff as a result.

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