So you've done all your homework. You've checked countless forex forums for reviews, asked questions in various blogs, checked back-test results on multiple sites, and read every word on the official website to the point that you recite the whole thing with your eyes closed. It's the 4th week already and your EA never failed you - to make loss trade after loss trade! Why does this happen?

You are employing a dishonest brokerage

Not all the foreign exchange brokers allow Expert advisor to run on their MetaTrader4 platform; yet even when they allow it, it doesn't mean they'll let it run easily without disruption. Generally, all scamming techniques commonly used for manual traders does apply to EA too. This includes excessive slippage, stop hunting, disconnecting the EA from their server, high requotes, and so on.

If you have an MT4-based EA, make sure you pick an honest broker with instant execution; that could make it easier for your Ea to operate at 100%.

You run it in default settings

Most EAs have default settings from the creator. Although this might be good, understand that most forex traders who gain success with their Expert advisor never allow it to operates in default setting. There has to be distinct setting for different variables: risk management, money management, currency pairs, etc. Run your own backtest in MetaTrader4 and notice how efficient these settings are.

If you are done with the backtests, open up demo accounts and run it in several accounts under distinct settings. This could allow you to evaluate its efficiency on the current market condition. To get much better result, run it simultaneously on several chosen foreign exchange brokers.

This "live-testing" is sort of difficult since most EAs are functioning their best on 24/5 Vps with dependable connection. When you have it run on your desktop computer or laptop, it may encounter internet connection problem or got switched off at night, making it impossible to make trades. There's no quick solution to this; you might either rent a VPS or run it on your own Pc. From my personal experience, a desktop pc can run for 2 or 3 weeks with no trouble as long as it is located in a place with good temperature.

You're not following the EA updates

The majority of EAs, especially the well-known one, always have particular blog or forum threads dedicated for its customers. Be sure to check them often for proven fresh strategies or settings from other customers. Obviously, be sure to read the official support site regularly and subscribe to the creator's e-newsletter (if any) as well to get the most recent updates on the Expert advisor.

Lastly, you might forget your money management and trade with risk you should not take. Realize that no trader or EA can win all trades without a single loss (ignore what the creator said in the official page; it's marketing bluff) and when it actually happens, you must not let that single trade cost you your entire money.

The bottom line is: there is no set-and-forget EA. If you want a worked EA, you must put some effort to make sure it actually worked and actually generating profits.

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