Preventing Erectile dysfunction (ED) might be easier than you think. For years, men have had to forfeit treatment because they thought the only cure was the expensive blue pill Viagra, as they didn’t have the option of buying equally effective generics such as Kamagra. Nor were they aware that reducing the frequency of ED was in their power – today, it is common knowledge that there are certain changes you can make in your daily life that can improve your performance in the bedroom.

What you can do to help prevent ED?

There is an increasing body of research that shows a relationship between heart conditions and erectile dysfunction. In short, this means that whatever you need to do to maintain optimal heart health will help you to achieve and maintain a lasting erection. Note that if you are taking medication for a heart condition, make sure that products like can be taken in conjunction with your current treatment. Experts suggest the following:

1. Stop smoking. This is the first priority when it comes to protecting your heart, as studies have shown that smoking plays a direct role in the deterioration of the arteries. Because erections happen by means of increased blood flow to the penis, it so happens that this deterioration occurs on one of the arteries responsible for erections, thus you will have a problem with erectile dysfunction.

2. Don’t drink alcohol excessively, especially if you are taking Kamagra. Being a depressant, large quantities of alcohol can affect the production of the chemicals necessary to get and maintain an erection for sex.
Exercise regularly (at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week).

3. Exercise is known to improve circulation and contribute to good overall health. It can similarly affect your erections.

4. Lose weight and eat a healthy diet. Men with a larger waistline have been shown to experience more cases of erectile dysfunction than men of normal weight. Even if you are not obese, it is advised that you follow a diet that is high in vegetable and whole-grain intake and low in fatty, oily and processed foods.

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Alice Jones is a healthcare adviser at Buy Kamagra UK is an online pharmacy that retails high-quality Kamagra products to the UK and European market.