All success comes first and foremost from your mindset. Without attitudes that support and foster your well-being and success you won’t reach the levels of true success you want and deserve. The reason is simple and universal: EVERYTHING stems from your state of mind. A creative mind leads to creative actions, a problem focused mind leads to more and more problems. That is how our brains work and that is how the universe works. Like the laws of physics, our physical world is dictated by universal principles that say like attracts like. That means positive energy attracts positive things and negative energy attracts negative things. That’s why your attitude is so important to your outer circumstances. The following four attitudes will help you amp up the great results you want and deserve.

Attitude 1: I’m worthy of a BIG VISION!
You must stop thinking small about yourself, your worth, your potential and everything that keeps you thinking small about your life. Question anything you believe that even hints at you not being smart enough, educated enough, pretty enough to achieve any size dream you can dream. For now, forget about how you will make your dreams into your reality and focus instead on feeling deep in your soul that you absolutely deserve to live your big dreams NO MATTER WHAT. Then start imagining what that big compelling vision looks like. This doesn’t mean you need to envision yourself in any particular way but you do need to know what the ultimate vision for your life is. If you only think about what’s possible for the next 12 months you are thinking small. Think about what you ultimately want and then allow yourself to feel inspired and deserving to head down that path. This is step one for shifting your limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you. Start thinking bigger and better. When doubts creep in don’t argue with them just note them and move on with the big vision. Frame your vision in present tense positive language. When counterarguments arise rewrite them so they become empowering beliefs. Repeat them to yourself, get clear on your vision and your deservedness more and more until you can really feel and taste it. You are a powerful creator. Get that deep in your bones. Contemplate it. For now simply take my word for it if that’s where you need to start from. What vision would a powerful creator create? If you’re a mom, you’ve already birthed the most amazing creation which alone will tell you what an amazing creator you are.

Attitude 2: I’m 100% RESPONSIBLE for my success!
As that powerful creator we talked about in attitude 1, you want to take OWNERSHIP of your success. It’s all about you. You create your own reality and create the results that you get. This is no t a judgment call. Being responsible is simply that: being responsible. If you don’t get the results you want one day, it’s not a bad day and you are not a bad person, you simply didn’t get the results you wanted from the actions you took. Take an objective look at why that might be and change what needs to be changed. Results are not good or bad, they are data – feedback on whether you should keep going in the same direction or course correct for better results. Taking ownership of your success is a powerful attitude and one you can only have when you feel deserving of your big vision. It is from this place that you get to take inspired action.

Attitude 3: I spend time with ONLY those PEOPLE who support me!
As my mom used to say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” What this means is that who you spend your time with has a direct impact on how big you are willing to think, your quality of life, the results you get in your business and how much money you make. That’s why collaborating with other women entrepreneurs in my business as colleagues, partners, clients, etc. is such a big part of my own business plan and I recommend it be an important part of yours too. Everything I do in my business doesn’t just serve me, it also serves my colleagues and my market. One of the reasons many people aren’t successful in any venture is that they spend their time with other unsuccessful people, people who don’t feel deserving of success, people who don’t wholeheartedly support your success, people who are problem focused rather than possibility focused – you get the picture. Seek out and spend time with positive people who support your success and refuse to discuss your plans and dreams with those who don’t. This doesn’t mean you have to drop all your current friends (although do take note of who makes you feel joyful and who doesn’t and then a ct accordingly) what I’m suggesting is that you only discuss your precious dreams with those who lift them up with you.

Attitude 4: ALL my ACTIONS are inspired!
When we struggle and focus on problems and lack and possibly not deserving our dreams, we take small random actions that get us small random results. If you want big consistent results that manifest the life and business you dream of you must only take inspired action. Inspired action come from a place of inner guidance and self-trust that you can only get from knowing you deserve your dreams, taking responsibility for your results, surrounding yourself with like-minded and supportive people and accepting that you are a powerful creator who absolutely deserved and can create ANYTHING you can dream. What are the inspired actions that will help you shift into these powerful attitudes and skyrocket your success?

These are 4 powerful attitudes and shifts you really need to make to get the success you want and deserve. I’ll be talking more about them in upcoming weeks and going into more detail on how to make these powerful shifts so stay tunes.

In the meantime, if you want individualized help transforming your life and business from one of struggle and lack to one of ease and abundance, contact me for details on how I can help you do that.

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