Four Seasons
I send forth intentions that the Four Seasons of your life stream in wealth (grand living).
Infinite Spirit I give thanks for everything and everybody’s Four Seasons be overflowing with lavish avalanches of affluent abundances everyday in everyway in the right way in a loving way. Which is theirs by divine right my their Four Seasons overflowing abundances instantly be released without delay and reach them without hesitation under grace in a perfect way and in divine order now.
How do Four Seasons come to pass in your life everyday? Four Seasons materialize everyday in your life with winter being freezing all plant form, finalizing the growing season allowing plant life to begin decomposing just like worn out beliefs, viewpoints, opinions, and stale ideologies. Winter is lifeless season with trees are baron, plant life is in a coma, lakes are frozen over and only animals foraging for food are moving around.
Winter seems like a comatose time however Winter freezes off everything for rejuvenation in the spring. Letting go is your winter rejuvenating your life by letting go of unwanted things, people, worn out beliefs, opinions, and viewpoints that have you frozen in time. Winter is actually the beginning of the growing season. How is winter the growing season? How are you frozen in time?
To live to tell the prodigy of a Winter takes courage, strength, stamina, willingness and boldness to live just like living and residing inside your dreams, intentions, and desired life take courage, strength, stamina, willingness, and boldness to fail. Boldness to fail sounds ridiculous however it is authentic because you are willing to fail boldly emulates you are prepared to succeed boldly. When you go timidly into the night you walk on eggshells with fear bursting from every fiber of your being compounds your unwillingness to walk boldly into the night. How do you fear being bold?
Just like the moose walking the frozen tundra of Alaska foraging for food walking in deep snow not knowing what lies beneath the snow, wolf packs on the prowl, and mother nature unleash her wrath of 20 to 60 below zero temperatures. The wind chill dipping down to 60-100 degrees below zero dispels heat from the body and takes more energy to find less food. With a bone chilling wind blowing from the Arctic Circle is refrigerating the Alaskan tundra is actually preparing the tundra for spring manifestations.
How do negativity, poverty, hypocritical spoken word and an unconstructive inner dialog puts you into a survival mindset? Survival is the mindset of anything and everything that lives on the frozen tundra puts forth so how is survival your mindset in your everyday life. A low quality life explodes with negative outcomes like a white shuts down the arctic north because of a survival way of thinking. Because the roads drift shut from snow and blowing snow just like a poverty conscious ego shuts down your mind blocking all your will to take action on your ideas. How is your mind creativity blocked like a drifted in road?
What harvest do you choose to reap from your game of life? To reap a bountiful harvest are you open and willing choose to participate in the game of life with no remorse of the outcome by accepting everything about your life right now in all phases. Harvest the genius in your imagination, creativity, innovation, motivation, intentions your ideas and opportunities now or somebody else will be living your dreams. Harvest is abundance who would you rather see live an affluent abundant life you or somebody else? Who and what is harvesting your genius now?
You can choose to be a creator of expansion or circumstance of expansion that is your choice. However, expansion is going to happen whether you are the inventor or outside circumstances invoke its wrath on your existence. Everyone has a winter, spring, summer and fall waiting to happen however, winter happens first because something wore out has to leave for new to enter into your life to have your Four Seasons. How are you the circumstance of expansion? How are you the inventor of expansion?
Four Seasons happen when you accept and bless who you are financially spiritually personally emotionally mentally in your cells right now and accept all the conditions around you now. You have instigated and manifested everything in your life up to this point through everything you know, done, allowed, etc now to inaugurate your expansion and desired outcomes let go of all your undesired crap now.
Are you open to blessing your life being grateful and thankful for everything you have in your life now? Until you are open and willing to be grateful for everything you have in your life now. How can you have a harvest when you are freezing out the new that has a red-hot burning desire to enter your life? How are you open and willing to execute four seasons in your life?
Are you open to accept the responsibility for where you are in your life now? Blaming others for your life placement is accepting failure and defeat. Winning is an attitude that is up to you to have. Some winning attitudes begin with you loving yourself unconditionally, in all phases of your life and are willing to accept and embrace challenges. Being a winner is never giving in and always living your dreams. How are you a winner?
Here are three affirmations for you:
I choose to love myself unconditionally with all my issues under grace in a perfect way.
I am the shining light in my life now.
I choose to be a winner in life in all phases of my life now under grace in a perfect way.
Answers these questions:
? Spring: What seeds do you choose to plant in your life now?
? Summer: What do you choose to nurture in your life now?
? Fall: What do you choose to harvest in your life now?
? Winter: What do you choose to release, let go, delete and unhook in your life now?
I now present to you the Four Seasons for you to experience. How will you experience all four seasons?