Walking into your kitchen in the morning to the buzzing sound of fruit flies and discovering a cloud of them over your fruit bowl is always an unpleasant surprise. There were no fruit fly larvae anywhere in your house, so how did this swarm of fruit flies appear in your kitchen?

Do you have holes in the screens on your windows, or windows without screens on them? This could explain your sudden infestation of fruit flies, but even if you don't, there are other explanations for having fruit flies in your house.
Fruit flies are quite tiny and can find all kinds of methods for entering your home. If you have manure or another fertilizer close to your house, this can increase your odds of infestation, since substances like this are favorite breeding grounds for fruit flies.

The next question is why are there fruit flies in your house? You know how they got in, but why did they want to get into your house in the first place? The answer is fermentation. Fruit flies eat yeast, so anything that ferments can attract them. Fruit flies can smell yeast, so if you leave fruit out in the open and it starts to get a bit overripe, the fruit flies will find a way to get in and congregate over your fruit bowl. It isn't just fruit that attracts fruit flies either. Substances like alcohol and vinegar can also lure in fruit flies. If you were to leave them alone, you'd find them breeding within 24 hours and you'd have quite a growing problem.

Instead of tolerating fruit flies, you should get rid of fruit flies. They don't bite, but they can carry disease, and they're an unsanitary thing to have a fly around your house. There are numerous traps that can be used to catch and release or kill fruit flies. One common trap involves taking some of that overripe fruit and putting it in a bowl with some vinegar. Cover the bowl with its bait in plastic wrap and then poke some tiny holes in the top using a fork. Fruit flies can smell the vinegar and fruit through the plastic wrap and will go in through the holes. Once inside though they won't have an easy time escaping again. At that point, you can take the bowl outside and release the fruit flies, preferably not too close to your house!

If you prefer to kill the fruit flies, you can use a bowl of bait and soap suds. Soap-suds trap fruit flies much like a spider's web. The suds are lethal to them, and if you wait, they will expire. You might also try vacuuming them up with the tube attachment of a vacuum cleaner. This method can be unexpectedly effective. Prevent fruit flies from coming back to your home by covering your fruit bowls and trash cans. If you still are struggling to keep them away, try setting up some fans to blow air around your kitchen. This makes it challenging for fruit flies to settle down on your fruit or other surfaces.

There are two very good reasons to learn what attracts fruit flies. The first is deterrence, the second removal. If you know what attracts fruit flies, you may be able to prevent them from infesting your home in the first place. On the other hand, if you already are stuck with a swarm, you can turn this knowledge to your advantage by creating traps designed to lure in fruit flies. You can then use these traps either to release them outside or to kill them or the best option is to call a Pest Control Richmond.

Many people think that fruit flies are attracted to the fruit. While this is partially true, it is also a bit deceptive. Fruit flies have no interest in under-ripe fruit, for example—but they are drawn to ripening fruit because of the fermentation process going on inside the fruit. The fruit fly diet is mainly yeast. So what attracts fruit flies are food items which are fermenting. This includes ripening or rotting fruit, vegetables, or fungi, as well as wine and vinegar. Fruit flies also have been known to infest rotting meats, and they enjoy making their homes in piles of manure, compost, or rotting garbage.

So long as you don't let your food rot, you stand a good chance of avoiding an infestation. If you do let your food rot or even get too ripe, you might get fruit files. You can get fruit flies even without any fruit in your home, as long as something is fermenting. It is recommended that you cover your fruit bowls, and keep them in the fridge if possible. If you keep your trash indoors at all, cover up your trash bins. Another technique is to make sure there is a constant stream of air blowing across trash bins and fruit bowls so that the fruit flies cannot settle down on their food source.

You can use any of these attractive foods or liquids in order to craft a trap to catch fruit flies. One common type of fly traps is the jar trap. With the jar trap, you can select a bait to put inside the jar, like a rotting piece of fruit, or some vinegar or wine. Then you need to make a funnel out of paper to put on top of the jar, pointing downward so that the flies are funneled into the jar. They have no problem getting inside to the bait but will be unable to easily leave the jar again. Then you can take the fruit flies outside and release them.

If you feel something more final is called for, you can create a trap that will kill the fruit flies by placing some enticing bait inside a bowl, and then adding soap suds. As usual, the fruit flies will go for the bait—but they will become trapped inside the soap suds, like insects in a spider's web. The soap suds will kill them.

Fruit flies breed rapidly—within a day, hundreds of eggs can be laid and hatched by a small group—so use your knowledge of what attracts fruit flies to prevent and purge infestation!

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