Closure of educational institutes:-

The colleges and universities have been closed since March, due to the epidemic of coronavirus. As communal gatherings cause spread of this infectious disease, so authorities issued an order to completely close all educational institutes including lecture halls, libraries and event complexes. While playgrounds and dorm-room parties are also prohibited to avoid any contact among pupils. The health organizers announced to stay at home and maintain a physical distance of six feet in order to prevent the transmission of this contagious disease. The congestion of population is the most crucial factor in spreading this virus, so it was mandatory to close all gathering places.

Some of the institutes have declared that they will continue remote virtual classes for the whole academic year so that they can prevent the second wave of virus spread. While the government has announced to reopen colleges and universities in September, it may cause difficulty in keeping infection rates low. It will carry its own risks, but pupils are facing a lot of losses in their education, so it is recommended now to reopen all educational institutes. Dissertation writing service has announced discount packages for instant assignment help.

Virtual system of education:-

The University College of London has announced to offer 60% of its courses online to the students. They are intended to continue online classes due to the risk of an epidemic. It is understandable to some extent to keep courses remotely via online classes, but the matter is over-charging of institutes in the shape of fees for courses. It is clear that the virtual classes are less costly as compared to campus oriented classes, so all universities and colleges should offer some concession in courses fees.

Full tuition fees submission:-

Only one institute, Princeton University, has offered a 10 per cent cut-off to tuition fees in this pandemic, while all other institutes are not reducing the current tuition fees. As these tuition fees are estimated for campus oriented classes, but now how can they charge the same amount from students to offer online courses? Even their main expenses regarding campus utilization are cut off to a great extent. Though the public schools and colleges are charging less than private institutes, these are also not less costly in this troubling pandemic. They should revise their fee schedule to ease parents in this troublesome time. The campuses are closed, they are charging no utility bills to companies. Moreover, the campuses are saving maintenance charges, then why they are charging full fees from pupils. The authorities should take action against this bigotry of institutes, as they are exploiting pupils financially.

Quality of Remote education:-

Although they have launched online classes to meet the loss of studies in this pandemic, but the quality of this remote education can never be equal to the standard of lecture room studies. No matter, to what extent they try to make remote learning effective, there will remain a deficiency in delivering proper concept and idea. That’s why pupils deserve a significant reduction in tuition fees to sit at home and stare at a laptop screen all the time. The interaction between teacher and student is totally changed, while the other benefits of campus oriented education such as friend making, social learning, playing games are also diminished. At the age of coronavirus, every college should re-calculate its tuition fees according to the expenses which are faced by that college. As what will they pretend to fresh pupils to charge the old fee schedule from them, while they will learn from homes.

Everyone is constricted in financial hazards of the pandemic; many of people have become short-lived; they can not afford full fees submission at this time. They need relaxation in order to continue the study of their children. If the authorities do not check it, unfortunately, many students should have to leave education in this time of crisis. Where all the world is suffering from Covid-19 disasters, we should take care of our low economy community. Otherwise, there will be a significant loss resulting in an increased rate of illiteracy.

Social benefits of College-life:-

Colleges are placed on grooming a child mentally and socially, and it helps to polish many skills of a child by going to school or college. People do not send their children to institutes for only getting a degree which may help them to acquire a good job, but also they want the personality grooming of their children. While college life stands a whole experience for a pupil, it induces behavioural changes in pupils and makes them unable to live respectably in a society. Teachers, along with delivering lectures, are responsible for polishing the mindset of a pupil in order to make able to live a beautiful life. But the remote learning vanished all these benefits of college life and restrained pupils to their homes, where they are self-obsessed and stressed out nowadays. Then why should parents pay full fees while their children are not adequately getting benefits from these institutions?

Public schools revenue:-

There is a considerable difference between the fee schedule of public and private schools, as public schools are only allowed to charge a tuition fee. In contrast, private schools trap extra charges in the shape of various funds like sports fund, extra-co curricular funds etc. The fact is, public schools generate a low revenue from fees charging, but they have to pay well to their teachers in order to maintain the quality of education.

Reduction in tuition fees:-

But in time of crisis, all the educational institutes should offer a discount on tuition fees, so that no parent should face difficulty to teach his children. The government should raise a special fund for all schools and colleges to make sure the fee relaxation procedure. We know, the world is moving towards dearness day by day, but it is the responsibility of present government to facilitate its public for standard living needs. The management of institutions should skip off non-essential activities like some entertainment classes, and they should try to provide possible concessions to pupils. It will help out all pupils significantly; moreover, parents will be at ease financially at this time when no one is getting enough livelihoods.

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