Now that I know why I want more Fun, what would be Fun? How can I have Fun? What do you stand for? What are your values? Some of mine are that I want to cherish each day and have great times with friends and my family. To do this, I have to take the time to make the plans. Who do I want to see or call on the phone, maybe an old friend or a grandchild?

Look around at all of the activities that are available – places to see, things to do – not just within a five minute drive. Look at everything that is an hour or so away. Get a group together; get out there; if you can't drive, pool your funds and hire a driver and van. Or better yet, call a younger friend to join you and let them drive. Create a variety of memories and ways to connect with other people.

Don't just call your usual group of five friends, either, call the ones you always say you want to call!!! It’s the thinking outside the box and maintaining the desire to focus your energy on Fun that will make the difference.

So how do you do that? Get focused. Get selfish with your time. You decide how you want to spend your days. The things you want to be involved in. You decide who you want to allow into your life and how much time you want to spend with them. Get hungry and curious about the things that are important to you. Get involved with the activities and people you respect and love – you definitely don’t have time for those that are pulling energy from you or are negative. Get focused on the things you have a passion for, the things you've always wanted to do or be involved in. I am going to learn to play boogie woogie/rock n' roll on the piano, even if it takes me the next thirty years!!!

What are the things you love to do – if you don't know, then think about what you liked to do when you were ten years old. Building things, being outside, dancing, traveling, did you have a hobby, was there a group you belonged to?

What do you want people to remember about you? Stop! Think! Oh, yes, I remember __________, they were always __________! What impact do you want to have on the world, while you're here? Now that I know why I want more Fun, what would be Fun? How can you have Fun with family and friends? Where can you find the time? What do you want to plan right now? Who do you to see first? Make a list; call someone now.

"If you don't have any Fun in your Life, then all you have is a bunch of Thursdays?" (Movie – Rumor Has It)

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