You may be wondering whether you really can stop your gambling after your last
big gambling loss.

And while if you're thinking "I know I can stop", what you know right now might not be enough to help you stop.

Let me explain.
Before you try to stop gambling again on your own, here are 7 "must know" tips spread over 7 days for you.

Day 1: Choose a program of recovery to attend. If you don't know of any try Gamblers Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, or my coaching & inner circle program. Turn your life over to the program of recovery of your choice. (This finally gives you the structure and support you need to stop gambling for good)

Day 2: Get 1 on 1 support from a fellow compulsive gambler you like, trust, & who's been gamble free for quite some time. (Because almost everything we know, we've learned from 1 on 1 help from another...(think back to learning to drive))

Day 3: Ban Yourself from all casinos & gambling establishments in and around your area. (especially the ones that are draining money from your pocket to theirs)

Day 4: Turn over all your money, cards, & finances over to someone you know and trust who will not take advantage of you. Only carry enough money to get you through each day or part of the day. (This significantly reduces the number of gambling urges you'll have in a day...try it just for a few days and see the difference!)

Day 5: Make sure you have gambling recovery literature with you at all times. Be sure you have someone to call when things get really tough. Make sure you have an urge plan in place.

Day 6: Take all parts of life one day at a time. And when that's not working, take things 1 hour at a time. Even one minute at a time. And while doing so, know and trust that if you take life one baby step at a time, everything is going to be ok.

Day 7: Make a commitment to the following: 1. weekly meetings 2. one on one support sessions 3. enjoy life & relax daily without gambling 4. Read your program literature

Last,always remember what gambling has done to you,and why it's so important for you to stop gambling.

While some gamblers will read and dismiss these tips, others will take action and change their lives forever. Why not be in the second group? There are thousands of us already out there. Join us...and get help today.

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Jason Coleman is a former compulsive gambler and certified life coach.
For the past 6 years he's beat his own gambling addiction and helped others do the same.
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