QuickBooks has been one of the prominent accounting program over the years and it is widely known for its comprehensive features. These vast features are collection of accounting tools as well as innumerable technical capabilities and that has made this accounting software as the first choice for small and medium sized businesses. But sometimes these technical features don’t function properly and we opt to take help from different resources. Intuit has taken care of QuickBooks technical support issues very carefully by setting up many resources to help users whenever they require. There are many independent QuickBooks technical support resources offering help to QuickBooks users with all available support options with them. With all these efforts towards QuickBooks technical and other functional issues, its users have always found very comfortable while using QuickBooks. The QuickBooks technical support resources along with their functional methods are described below:

1- Intuit Knowledge Base: Intuit has a collection of thousands of QuickBooks technical issues along with their possible fixes, making it first choice when the requirement comes of QuickBooks technical support. QuickBooks users have always been benefited from this knowledge base as it is described in such a way that even a non technical person can fix the issues in a few moments. The knowledge base collection includes the solutions from minor issues to the major, providing easy guide to accomplish the fixes. The collections are well equipped with download links, images and examples, making it more relevant for the users.

2- QuickBooks Forums: QuickBooks forums are the best resources for QuickBooks technical support issues as we can get fixes of live problems we face with QuickBooks. Sometimes, the knowledge bases become insufficient due to many unexpected issues and in that case, these forums become extremely useful. These forums are backed by expert moderators and other experienced users to help whenever we post any issues. These communications between users and moderators get saved as a chain and later it becomes very helpful for others if they face same kind of issue. QuickBooks has hundreds of effective forums to help users.

3- QuickBooks Technical Support Specialist: Calling a technical support specialist for any technical query is an ultimate way of getting help. But to get this facility available with us, we need to host our QuickBooks application with any QuickBooks hosting provider. If we have a provider, we can seek any kinds of technical support from their QuickBooks technical support specialist all the time. The specialists have professionals having extensive knowledge about QuickBooks and its technical parameters which gets shared to the hosting users. These hosting providers have all means of support like: chat support, call on phone support and e-mail support, helping their users all the way.

So, as a QuickBooks user, we have many resources of getting help when we land in any problem. Sometimes, we get faster response to get rid of the issues but sometimes it may take longer. However, we should be very accurate while providing the information of the issues we have been facing. Inaccurate and improper information lead to a delay response, ultimately delaying in the fix.

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Jance Walker is an IT engineer working with a leading application hosting provider . He is having expertise in application hosting solutions, specially in QuickBooks Hosting along with all other tax and accounting application hosting .