n order to ensure a healthy home, rat pest control is sometimes necessary. Rodents are a nuisance for many reasons. The primary concern is that they carry a number of communicable diseases. Typically, rats reside in crawl spaces, basements, walls, attics or any location accessible to them. Because they are colonizing animals, it’s not unusual for homes and buildings to have multiple rats. Sometimes, this can reach into triple digits or higher.

As a professional pest control Melbourne services provider, we offer a number of effective services that include inspection, trapping, structural repairs if necessary, habitat modification, eradication and sanitation. The first step is to have our trained rat exterminator inspect your property for any evidence of rodent activity. We then develop a plan to eliminate the intruders. As part of our effective control strategy, multiple visits may be requisite.

Rats have the ability to contaminate food products wherever they travel. Contamination occurs from droppings left in each area. As they are primarily nocturnal animals, rodents have a sharp sense of hearing and smell to avoid predators and locate food. Additionally, rats generally reproduce every three weeks or so, on average. This means that a rodent infestation can quickly get out of hand if not addressed immediately by a trained rodent exterminator or pest control specialist.

In addition to spreading disease, rats can cause structural damage to your property. They have been known to damage fascia boards and soffits with their sharp teeth. Even worse, they often chew on electrical wires down to the bare copper. If left unnoticed, this can potentially be a fire hazard. Allow our experienced rat extermination experts to quickly identify rodent problem areas in your home.

We are a leading rodent exterminator that works hard to eliminate rat infestations and get rid of rats from your property permanently, and will take the necessary steps to prevent rats from entering your structure in the future.

Our comprehensive rat extermination service includes:

-Detailed inspection of your property
-Identify food sources, harbor sites and entry points
-Design a specific and comprehensive eradication plan
-Remove existing rodents from the interior
-Sanitize contaminated areas with our equipment
-Perform rat proofing measures
-Follow through with multiple visits if needed

Managed rat pest control through a qualified rodent exterminator service is essential to fully eliminate a rat infiltration. Whether you have a major problem, have just seen a single rat, or perhaps you want to take preventative measures against rodent intrusion, we have the solutions you need.

If you are seeking effective and fast rat extermination services, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. By using our rodent exterminator service, you’ll never again need to worry about incursions by unwelcome pests.

Attempting to tackle a rodent problem without professional assistance of rat exterminator can be unhealthy and dangerous. As a leading rat exterminator in the Melbourne area, we have set high standards. Our core philosophy is making certain that our clients are always satisfied. Contact us now for your free estimate.

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