Forex market is the best resource for investment and makes a huge profit but before invest in forex market investors and traders should be aware of its profits and losses. And also knowing what’s involved with participating in the forex market will increase your chances of success.

As far as profit is concerned, there are many aspects of it that need constant monitoring. First, it is the largest and most liquid market in the world of foreign exchange market, with an average daily volume of more than $ 4 trillion. By knowing all the proper strategies, you can make a huge profit through it.
Secondly, the forex market often offers its investors a way to stay away from some of the risks associated with US Dollar as well as some diversification, which is usually beneficial for an asset class.
Third, in the foreign exchange market, decisions are made according to the twenty-four hours per day, five days a week, which is more than the most traditional equity, bond or futures markets, because it is called trading hours.

As far as the loss is concerned, there are many aspects of that which the investor needs to be always aware of it. The main risks of investing in foreign currency from this point of view are: - First, anywhere, the foreign exchange market runs in very small increments, which requires higher profits (via margin) and risk for the direct investor, This is the reason that sometimes the investors also have to suffer unexpected losses. Secondly, it is not known to everyone that the foreign exchange market is known for higher levels of ups and downs due to the economic report, central bank interference, and other factors. This is the reason why risk in foreign currency investment remains high.

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