Order is heaven's first law. -Alexander Pope

When you take a quick glance into your living room, does it invite you to come in and sit for awhile? Is it comfortable and cozy without being cluttered? Is it a peaceful haven that expresses your joy of living?

Organizing and decorating any room is a personal expression based on preferred style and the function of the space. Accept the fact that your living room just might be the place for the family’s daily activities of living. So, organize around that reality.

In the early 1900’s Lucy Abbot Throop wrote, “A beautiful home is an education in itself, but it is not made in a day; it must slowly grow.”

I am willing to let my living room slowly grow into a haven of beauty that serves my purpose. I asked myself, “What are the lessons my home is waiting to teach me?” I sit for awhile and ponder my living space. I want it to be comfortable, functional, and pleasing to my senses. I close my eyes and visualize what this space would look like relevant to the activities performed there. Then, I begin to plan. I create a step-by-step action plan that will transform this space into my peaceful haven.

The first step of my plan is to purge those things that have no purpose in this room. I gather them for another room, to place into storage, or preferably, to pass along to someone else. Not everything is a keeper, not everything belongs in my living space. It may take awhile to discern what is the true purpose of many items scattered around this room, but the time spent purging is worthwhile. Now I can see open spaces and possibilities.

Next, I will establish a zoning area that will map the activities for this room. For me those zones are for relaxing, reading and conversation with family and friends. For you it may be TV watching, games and the children’s play area?

Organize each zone according to its purpose. Are there comfortable seats for watching TV along with pillows and throws for cool nights? Is there a relaxing chair with adequate lighting for reading? Is there a cluster of seats for easy conversation? Is there a table and storage area for the games, books and puzzles the family enjoys? Is the direct lighting adequate, and is there ambient lighting for quieter moments? What about the colors? Are they pleasing to the eye or harsh and overpowering?

Once I have created my welcoming living room, I vow to keep it clear of clutter. A few minutes every evening to maintain the tidy appearance is easier than an hour or more expended on Saturday mornings.

Creating order in the living room provides that peaceful haven just waiting for your return every day.

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