The recent decline in the economy has resulted in massive layoffs across the country. There are many people finding themselves out of work and looking to keep their homes and pay the bills. When unemployment circumstances are bleak, don’t give up, there are many measures you can take to get the job you want.

The following list outlines a number of job search tips that can help you get a job even when companies are laying-off workers:

1. Have a Positive Mind-Set: The attitude you have when searching for a job will likely affect how successful you are at obtaining the job you want. A great attitude makes a favorable first impression. It is important to protect your focus. Go on a media diet. That is, turn away from all the negative news. Don’t settle for anything out of fear. Have a laser focus on your goals and don’t cast your net wide during your job search.

2. Be a Successful Salesperson: When you are preparing for a job interview, think of it as if you were trying to make a sale. You are the product you want employers to buy. You need to show potential employers why they should make the purchase. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses and make sure you include an anecdote or example that showcases your strengths. Your strengths must reveal that you will be a valuable employee. Provide examples that show how your strengths have made a positive impact. If your potential employer asks about your weaknesses, explain how you overcame the weakness and what you learned.

3. Personal Branding: Personal Branding can be the most powerful tool for achieving career success. Personal Branding identifies and differentiates YOU so you can “stand out” from the competitive job market, get noticed, and get hired. It involves identifying your key strengths and expertise, the real needs that you can meet for your ideal employers and then communicate your message with clarity and consistency in many different ways. Answer the following questions: What are your top three strengths? What differentiates you and puts you ahead of the competition? What are the needs and wants of your target audience? (Ideal employers) Career distinction gives you the leading edge in your job search. Brand Your Professional Brilliance.

4. Sell Yourself as a Problem-Solver. Don’t market your qualifications. Use past experiences and successes to show how you are an effective problem-solver. Highlight not only that you are a team player, but also have valuable leadership skills.

5. Sell Your Proven Results. Ask yourself: What can I do better than anyone else? What value and experience can I deliver to meet the needs and wants of my target audience? What do I have that will fill their needs? (The job requirements)

6. Answer the Most Important Question: “What Can You Do for the Company Today?” Companies want to know, “What’s in it for them?” What can you bring that is unique or added value to the position/company? What sets you apart from the competition? What is your core area of expertise? You can answer these questions by researching the company, studying the job description and making a list of your important attributes that correspond with the values and vision of the company.

7. Leverage the Power of Social Networking: Establish an online presence using such tools as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn…etc. You can also share your expertise and position yourself as an expert in your field by starting a Blog.

With a positive attitude, preparing for a job interview, and making use of all available resources, you can gain a competitive edge in acquiring the job that you most want.

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Patricia Dorch is an innovative forward-thinking results-driven Career Coach, Speaker and Author of the highly acclaimed book, Six Figure Career Coaching Advice: The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Success. Visit and learn how to “Brand Your Professional Brilliance” and secure your ideal job in a very competitive job market.