Sexual massage is used as a prelude to lovemaking by many couples to multiply their fun and pleasure as it relaxes tired and strained muscles, increases sensation in the body and gets the couple in complete mood by its seductive effects. There is some difference in the technique of sexual massage depending upon the gender of the receiver as both males and females have different points of sensation and they also tense different areas of their body which need relaxation.

Whether sexual erotic massage is given to a male or female it should begin from the back with the receiver lying face down on a comfortable mattress. The massager can straddle the receiver or kneel down by his or her side, use scented oil and warm it for quick and greater effects. Start the massage by pouring some oil on the palms and rubbing the back gently as if you are pasting the oil on the back. This acquaints the receiver with your touch and warmth of the oil starts relaxing back muscles.

Once oil is applied at the back put some more oil on the palms and start sliding your both palms together keeping them on both sides of receivers back moving towards his or her shoulders and slide them out when you have reached shoulders on to his or her arms. Repeat this motion for few minutes and keep the pressure within bearable limits of the receiver, later cut down the motion and slide your palms outwards under his or her armpits and then even lower around rib cage.

After back massage focus on lower back, if receiver is male turn your face towards his legs as lower back is an important area when giving Nuru massage to a male. After applying oil, form circular motions with your thumb starting from close to his spine and moving out, you can make the arc starting from his lower back and up to the peak of his buttocks and then falling out, gradually reduce the arc. For a female receiver move your hand in and out on the back of her thigh with lot of oil applied, do not touch her sweet part but get as close to it as you can, go down her calves and knead her ankles.

Turn the face of male and apply oil on his chest and slide your palms down from his shoulders to his rib cage, you can apply some more pressure by your fingers. Focus on front part of his thighs move your palms with oil on them in circular motion starting from inside and moving outside without touching his organ but getting teasingly close. This style shall be followed when giving tantric massage to a woman too. But when massaging upper body of woman, do not press her breasts, rather move your palms round her breasts towards the shoulder and next time passing from her cleavage towards the shoulders. Form circular motions with your fingers on her upper neck and shoulders, cover full breadth of her chest under her neck with your palms. That's why women book tantric massage for themselves. Do not give in to the demands of receiver and tease him or her while giving sexual massage for a passionate lovemaking act afterwards.

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