You're either part of the steamroller, or part of the pavement.

Seems harsh I know. Visions of ducks and old ladies being flattened by a big yellow piece of road equipment as focused uplines barrel past looking for the real players--those instantly committed "Heavy Hitters" who'll blast past them to the top of the compensation plan.

Unfortunately, this is how most people envision the imagined fast track to success in Network Marketing. What I've found is that the people who ended up becoming our most loyal team builders saw themselves as regular folk and came into the business on a committed "I Hope This Works."

These folks didn't show up ready to cross the finish line. They came into the business on sheer faith becuase they haven't yet achieved the success needed to foster true belief in the opportunity. They bump around with hope in their eyes, wanting a helping hand to get to the top.

If you don't understand the potential of the average person and what you can assist them with and what they want to get from the business, people on your team will most likely quit in defeat or jump ship to next opportunity presented to them.

Since network marketing is usually the average person's first business, you as a leader, must create a network of support the shows the average person how to bring other people on board. In this business you have to give to receive. Helping your average recruit start to see some success is the best and only way to build long term commitment and walk away long term residual income from stable, consistent, long term growth.

The key factor for eventual success for most folks is their initial decision to become successful. Most people don't really make that decision in the beginning, even though they say they have. That belief will be built on smaller successes. That's why it is key that your new team builders get the support required to achieve that beginning success.

When I first started in network marketing, I had no prior experience in this industry. Yet my wife and I went on to be successful. We had a lot of ordinary people like us in our group. we worked hard to make sure they experienced the initial success necessary to spark their excitement. When a new rep tastes small victories one after the other and starts to see success, their confidence grows, and that confidence helps develop the skills that will make them eventual leaders.

What I love most about this business is that I know without a shadow of doubt, that anyone can have it happen for them, no matter who you they are.

This is one business where ordinary people can become very successful. They, and not the heavy hitter, are the backbone of the network marketing industry.

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